One + Four = Life | Feb 2016 (Part 1)


Welcome to another One + Four = Life posts! These are pretty fun to do, though I may not get to them weekly. I’m hoping for bi-monthly because 1) other priorities and 2) my life just isn’t that exciting, sadly.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…

Had another nerd out last weekend! Went to see a local improv group at The Off Broadway Theater. They performed “Star Ward”, which was a Mormon-themed Star Wars. Not as funny as the local comedy we saw a few weeks ago but still entertaining!



Of course, the Super Bowl!! Great defensive game, glad my Broncos won! Best of all, got to chill at home with the hubs and our little girl and eat homemade cauliflower bites and super yummy chicken wings (both made with combo of Frank’s Red Hot and Parmesan). Mmmmm….. 😀


“For Your Kitchen” (a local kitchen/gadget store) held a hands-on Fondue night on Feb. 13th. Fondue? Yes please! We were given chicken, veggies, batter and sticks and got to make our own dinner. It was a little awkward (we had to share a pot with 4 other people) and slow but a lot of fun. We made a fun, unique memory together which is my favorite part of any activity.



What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with Deadpool, wings and shakes?? Okay, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. This was just a typical Sunday date for us. And it was fantastic! We had awesome wings (at our favorite Wingnuts), saw Deadpool (which was f***ing awesome, btw!!!) and then hit up Warren’s drive through for some shakes. Yes, there are 3 shakes and only 2 of us. If the hubs wants different flavors, he gets 2 small shakes. When we got home, we popped in the last season of Star Wars: Clone Wars and enjoyed our shakes. This was seriously the best day of the weekend!


One + Four = Life | June 29


I’m a day late again but what can I say? I was busy relaxing yesterday! 🙂 Mexico was a blast, got back Friday night. Saturday we went to lunch and saw The Illusionists, which was a great show and a lot of fun. Fantastic meal! Sunday was our yard / house work day, followed by relaxation and watching tv.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…

mexicoOur first night in Mexico. We said “screw it” and kicked off our vacation with some much needed drinks. While playing foosball. It was a fun night 🙂

lambs grillHad lunch at this little joint called Lamb’s Grill, in Salt Lake City. They have THE best bacon wrapped dates on this planet. This time we had the dates (duh!), blueberry pancakes and the triple cheese grilled cheese. All of it was yummy!

showAfter Lamb’s Grill, we saw The Illusionists. The group has a handful of magicians all with different styles and acts. Had a lot of fun!

drinksOne of our friends came over and we made pina colada’s and strawberry daiquiri’s that same night. The drinks turned out okay, it was fun making them. We got tipsy and watched The Three Amigos. Super fun!

Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #3


quirksI like the word “quirk”; it’s quirky. A much better term than “weird” to describe the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me.

Here are a few more quirks that make me, me. Share some of yours below, I would love to hear them!

dials1. Car Temperature: Simply stated, whether it’s hot or cold, I like the temperature dials in my car to be on the same number. This drives my husband nuts. It’s an automatic response because I’m so used to doing what I want in my car. So when he’s riding shot gun and I get hot or cold, I adjust both dials to match what I want. He knows it’s automatic so he just looks at me, smiles and moves his dial where he wants it 🙂

dog bowl2. Dog Bowl Placement: When I feed our little girl, I have to put the bowl in the exact same location. Every time. I don’t switch it around, though my husband and I put the bowl in different spots when we each feed her. But I like it in a certain spot. That’s the “spot” for the bowl.

utensils3. Plastic Handled Utensils: I prefer plastic handled utensils, especially spoons. My husband is the opposite. I love them, he despises them. He went out and bought metal handled spoons (partly because we kept running out of clean ones) and moved all of the plastic spoons to the back of the drawer. Because I love the plastic ones, I keep getting them out from the back and using them for cookies and shakes. He was perplexed and pissed that they kept cropping up in the sink. If I leave one of these spoons on the counter (for me to use) and he grabs it, I actually give him the stink eye and let him know he’s taken my spoon. And it’s unappreciated. Yes, I’m that protective of my spoons. 🙂

Stay tuned for more quirks next week. I have a million of them…

One + Four = Life | April 12


Oh man, not going to lie… I’m glad this week is behind me. Nothing bad happened, just felt exhausted, worn out and crabby. The best part of my week was Thurs-Sat because of the fun activities. Below is another installment of what I’ve been up to this week.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….

glamour mag

Got the new Glamour magazine, always a great day when this arrives! I’m not super trendy or into fashion, nor can I master the makeup tips but I love the magazine just the same. It has some funny articles that I look forward to and some useful ideas or tips that I attempt and (sometimes) get right.


These are tickets for the shows we went to this week. A total of 5. Friday night we went to The Off Broadway Theater, which puts on a comical “improv/scripted” version of famous movies, tv shows and/or plays. Saturday was light/laser shows at the Clarke Planetarium (3 shows total) followed by comedy at the Bob & Tom Show. All were super fun and in early celebration for Shawn’s birthday tomorrow.


Our cute little wiener dog, Savannah. She usually looks away when you take her picture. I was lucky to get this one of her looking up. She was sunbathing on our deck before I came outside to snap pictures. She’s too cute!

sea salt

I bought this Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray because I’m determined to get those beachy waves that I keep seeing in magazines. I could only find 2 options at Target and this one was cheaper. It sucks! This did nothing different for my hair but make it feel super raggedy (like a hobo) and gross the next day. I enjoy the smell though. I’ve given it a good run this week. Definitely won’t buy again!

If you’re interested in playing along, head over to Pip’s blog and drop your link in her collection + check out other One + Four = Life posts. Drop your link below as well, I would love to check them out!