Taking Stock | December



So here’s a look into my December (yes, I’m a few days early), the final chapter in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by finishing up the school semester a week early followed by a trip to Orlando, Florida, where we hit about every theme park in existence. Exhausting but totally fun! The rest of the month has flown by, with the holiday and all. I can’t believe another year has come and gone. This year had it’s bright spots but, overall, wasn’t one of my favorites. Crossing my fingers that 2016 will be an improvement!

Making: strides.

Cooking: stuffed-turkey peppers – super yum!

Drinking: way too much alcohol than was necessary

Reading: a ton! Finished the Harry Potter series and have almost finished the Twilight series. Say what you will (though the movies were terrible), the Twilight series is one of my favorite reads.

Wanting: to shop like a fiend!

Looking: forward to a quiet night in for New Years, with some cheese, crackers and wine. 🙂

Playing: some fun games during the mini breaks at my internship. Those are my favorite days.

Deciding: that I simply cannot, and do not, want to live without chocolate and peanut butter. Ever.

Wishing: my new supplement regiment will work

Enjoying: the lights of my decorated Christmas tree. Looking at the tree makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Waiting: for the holiday crowds to dissipate. Too many people out and about.

Liking: having my little doggies come visit for the week, though one of them is ornery as hell sometimes

Wondering: why I’ve let my old CD’s gather dust on the shelf. Busted ’em out!

Loving: my new Harry Potter t-shirt!

Pondering: why the holidays aren’t as jolly for me the last handful of years.

Considering: other opportunities

Buying: school books. Ugh.

Watching: The Wire, it’s super addicting. We’ve been binge watching this whole week.

Hoping: that things will turn around for the better.

Marveling: at how I’ve survived living with snow all these years. I hate the cold.

Cringing: at the amount of supplements I have to buy now.

Needing: my massage today, can’t wait!

Questioning: whether we really needed to visit the buffet this last weekend. Too much yummy food.

Smelling: “Christmas Cookie” lotion, a xmas gift from my mom

Wearing: hoodies and more hoodies lately. I’m basically a scrub at work. At least, that’s what it feels like 🙂

Following: my own advise more

Noticing: the little things

Knowing: that attitude and mindset are everything!

Thinking: of joining the circus but not as the person who catches elephant poop.

Admiring: people who have managed to stay together for so long. How do they accomplish this?

Sorting: through my emotions. It’s a tough job.

Getting: excited for another long weekend

Bookmarking: more books I want to read on Goodreads.com

Coveting: new blouses and home art décor!

Disliking: negative people

Opening: Christmas presents, love it!

Giggling: at my dog running back and forth like a crazy freak, for no reason. Seriously, got it on video.

Feeling: tired, per usual

Snacking: on Ghirardelli chocolates my coworker gave me for xmas. Delicious evilness.

Wishing: I knew the right path in life

Helping: my parents get to and from the airport

Hearing: classical music while at work, it’s been nice listening to something new.


Taking Stock | October



Oh man, I fell off the wagon last month. Let’s see what’s new… I’m still doing school, just one more month left of this semester. Unfortunately, there’s way too many semesters left to go before I’m done. I’ve also started a part-time Wellness Internship with a local county department and also started a part-time job at my university’s new Money Management center. Since being laid off, it seems like my schedule has constantly changed. Hopefully, it’s leveled out now. Hopefully. Didn’t do anything exciting for Halloween, just stayed home and watched some scary movies. Pretty low key this year.

So here’s a look into my October, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by

Making: new friends

Cooking: kale chips

Drinking: coffee!

Reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wanting: new clothes

Looking: for answers

Playing: the game of life

Deciding: on new work schedules

Wishing: for the years to slow down

Enjoying: getting soup and wings for date nights

Waiting: to see what happens

Liking: my jobs so far

Wondering: what’s wrong

Loving: being in my pajamas whenever possible

Pondering: what to do

Considering: that I’m still lucky

Buying: nothing lately!

Watching: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Hotel

Hoping: to maintain my A average this semester

Marveling: at how naïve people are

Cringing: at the folks at Walmart

Needing: some new shirts and winter wear

Questioning: life

Smelling: fall air

Wearing: my hoodies more

Following: my own thoughts lately

Noticing: how happy others seem

Knowing: something good will come one day

Thinking: sad thoughts

Admiring: the differences in other people

Sorting: through donation items

Getting: more sleep!

Bookmarking: financial sites

Coveting: those new shirts!

Disliking: making less money

Opening: doors for myself

Giggling: at cute Dachshund pictures

Feeling: anxious

Snacking: on almonds. I’m addicted!

Wishing: for a sign

Helping: those less fortunate

Hearing: rain

Taking Stock | September



So here’s a look into my September, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by being laid off of my job, as my position was eliminated. A good and bad deal. I’ll certainly miss the money and short commute but I was unhappy there. And, it brought about a great opportunity. While job shadowing for my Health Promotion degree, I made a great contact and now have a Wellness Internship with a county office. Super excited!!!

I’ve also started another semester at school, taking Social Media Communications, Art and (still) doing Math. We’ve been on a few hikes recently and got to experience beautiful views of the fall season taking over the mountains. Not going to lie, there have been a few things that I’m struggling with recently but I’m trying to stay positive and push forward.

Making: works of art 🙂

Cooking: healthy, low-carb chicken alfredo. Yum!

Drinking: crystal lite. I’m addicted…

Reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Wanting: for this congestion to go away

Looking: for another part time opportunity

Playing: grown up 🙂

Deciding: that I’m not ready to give up shorts and tank tops!

Wishing: my body would hurry and get back to normal. That competition was rough!

Enjoying: some beautiful hikes

Waiting: for Orlando in December…

Liking: eating bigger meals, less often

Wondering: how someone gives up on life and resorts to wearing pajamas, fuzzy slippers and a ratty shirt to Walmart. And seeing nothing wrong with it.

Loving: the protein oatmeal cookies!!

Pondering: the options and my feelings

Considering: sending my symptoms to the writers of House and seeing if they can find a cure.

Buying: not much lately, just the necessary items

Watching: all 6 Star Wars, plus the Family Guy versions, plus the cartoon versions. Nerd alert!

Hoping: that I rock at this internship

Marveling: at how fast this year has gone by

Cringing: at the scale

Needing: a girls night

Questioning: how I could have liked “My Stepmother is an Alien” growing up. That movie is terrible, with a capital T!

Smelling: the fall air

Wearing: more loose fitting shirts lately

Following: some new contacts on LinkedIn

Noticing: that the mornings are darker

Knowing: how to fully work my entertainment system would be a real plus sometimes.

Thinking: about taking 6 inches off at my next haircut appointment

Admiring: my ability to not devour the M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces in my cupboard. The struggle is real…

Sorting: through life

Getting: a better insight into different health fields

Bookmarking: some new books on goodreads.com

Coveting: shirts!

Disliking: making less money. Boo!

Opening: my mind to new possibilities

Giggling: at awesome 80’s movies

Feeling: happy that I canceled my Wen hair products trial membership.

Snacking: on string cheese

Helping: Shawn after his surgery

Hearing: nothing

Taking Stock | August



So here’s a look into my August, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month has been progressive and busy. I’m contemplating switching my degree from Health Promotion to Human Performance Management and have been setting up meetings with people in the industry, scheduling times to shadow different fields and looking for volunteer opportunities. The hubs and I have also been doing various activities and fun stuff. Due to a slower business trend, we’ll have to take some mandatory furlough days which is a good/bad thing. I hate parting with my money but it will be nice to have some extra time off to do more fun stuff 🙂

I took a break from the blogging world for a bit and neglected some of the words below, forgiveness please! And, yes, I know it’s now September AND it’s almost over. Yet, I wanted to throw August out there because I hate “missing” part of a sequence. OCD #52 😀

Making: a new recipe – steak w/chili powder rub and brown rice w/pineapple and cilantro. Hubby loved it, it was soooo good!

Cooking: hobo dinners

Drinking: wine!

Reading: Finished the 4 Hour Work Week and the fourth Harry Potter book. Starting the fifth Harry Potter book (Order of the Phoenix) and possibly an organization book.

Wanting: to try a wild hair color but it’s too much maintenance

Looking: for new job opportunities


Deciding: that it’s time to de-clutter my house even more.

Wishing: I could get my foot in the door at a company in the health/fitness field.

Enjoying: our new Frisbee


Liking: taking a step back from social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Wondering: if Wen products are really worth the money. Have used a few times so far.


Pondering: taking some 6 week courses at the local applied tech college, just for fun but that will enhance my own life



Watching: Ballers (love it!) and Star Wars cartoons

Hoping: that my shirts I ordered from JoeFresh.com will fit/look right. They were on clearance and are non-returnable :O


Cringing: at most fashion looks in magazines. Seriously, who really wears that stuff? Or can afford to?

Needing: a mental health day. Good thing we have furlough days! LOL

Questioning: what career path I want to take

Smelling: not much lately, this smog has gotten me extra stuffy

Wearing: my new “boyfriend” shirt from Target. Really, it’s just a v neck t shirt to me.

Following: the plan devised by my wellness coach at work (trying to any way)

Noticing: that the huge heat wave we got last month has tapered off to mid-80’s – 90’s most days


Thinking: that these mandatory furlough days are semi-good. More time doing fun stuff? Yes please!


Sorting: through things at home, de-cluttering what I can

Getting: excited for our trip to Bear Lake this weekend – camping with friends!

Bookmarking: job search sites (been looking at other opportunities for a few weeks)

Coveting: a new job. Why can’t school hurry the hell up?

Disliking: stale coffee.


Giggling: while reminiscing about 80’s movies. Classics!

Feeling: a little puffy lately

Snacking: on turkey sticks and almonds

Wishing: I could retire early and move to an exotic island like people on House Hunters



Taking Stock | July



So here’s a look into my July, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by a wine tasting trip to Boise, ID. Lots of fun! The rest of month has been spent on homework (boo!), getting into my volunteer work, fun outings with friends, and settling into “normal” life after the competition and our vacation to Mexico.

Making: plans with friends

Cooking: healthy favorites – yum!!

Drinking: water – it’s my go to, though I don’t drink enough.

Reading: through the Harry Potter series with a flurry! Love the movies more but the books are still great 🙂

Wanting: to narrow down my focus with blogging and start some new things

Looking: for an escape!

Playing: music at work courtesy of Jango.com (free!)

Deciding: that it’s a shame for older people to end up the way they do sometimes. Sad.

Wishing: I had a job I enjoyed more. One day!

Enjoying: switching up my workouts!

Waiting: sucks!

Liking: my new Maybelline Nudes eye shadow. Not perfect but good enough!

Wondering: what/where I should get a tattoo. This is permanent business!!

Loving: the sunshine and bright days. Love natural light in my house 😀

Pondering: why people choose the hairstyles they choose. Yikes!

Considering: getting the Wen hair care products next month since I have a special coupon. Only $20! I’ve always wondered about this product.

Buying: some new books – “4 hour workweek” and “Organizing from the Inside Out”. Looking forward to both!

Watching: some good movies lately – The Terminator and Ant Man

Hoping: for some happy changes this next year. Come on!

Marveling: at the beautiful sunset

Cringing: pajama wearing peeps out in public. Ah!!!

Needing: some space, quiet and alone time

Questioning: some relationships

Smelling: cookies baking is one of the most wonderful things in this world. So delicious….

Wearing: some things from my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile. It’s time to like them or donate them!

Following: lots of new Instagram peeps

Noticing: that I’ve been super irritable this week.

Knowing: that some tough decisions need to be made

Thinking: how nice it would to be back on the beach 😀

Admiring: how people build a thriving business

Sorting: through feelings

Getting: anxious for some change

Bookmarking: inspiring people

Coveting: some new clothes!

Disliking: feeling stuck

Opening: my mind

Giggling: at funny videos on Facebook.

Feeling: good about hanging out more with friends this month.

Snacking: on peanut M&M’s and reese’s pieces – only a few pieces at a time.

Wishing: I would make faster progress!

Helping: at the volunteer center

Hearing: thunder outside

Taking Stock | June



So here’s a look into my June, another chapter down in the book called 2015. Let me know what you think.

This month has been a whirlwind of craziness. It started off with a bang when I completed my first figure competition, winning 2nd in my division and 3rd in the open. The next few weeks were a flash of homework and adjusting back to “normal” life. Two weeks after the competition, we left for Mexico. Sadly, we came back last Friday (totally not ready!) but I’m glad that we had those few extra days to relax before heading back to the grind. I mean, work.

Making: healthy protein brownies. Yum!

Cooking: blueberry muffins, turkey burgers, low carb pasta, cookies with peanut butter and every other healthy food that we love but haven’t been able to have for a while!

Drinking: an in comprehendible amount of pina colada’s and banana mamma’s in Mexico.

Reading: I finished “Just One Year” and “Something Borrowed” this last week. Loved them both!

Wanting: the amazingly incredible lamb dish we had at the resort. So delicious!

Looking: for a way to retire way early so I can be on vacation every day.

Playing: a tune in my head.

Deciding: that I want to move to another country for a few years, just to experience something different. *sigh*

Wishing: I had a different job.

Enjoying: giving belly rubs to our little girl.

Waiting: for our friends to share the news that they’ve given birth to their daughter. Would love to see her before we leave tomorrow to Mexico!

Liking: my new Instagram account.

Wondering: how people live in Mexico with that humidity!

Loving: that I did so well at my competition, super proud of myself!

Pondering: ways we can pay off our house in 5 years instead of 15.

Considering: taking the certification test for personal training this year. I’m procrastinating.

Buying: tile (hopefully next month) for our kitchen back splash.

Watching: American Horror Story and House Hunters

Hoping: to build my social sites more.

Marveling: over the joy of a normal summer.

Cringing: at people.

Needing: some more tank tops!

Questioning: some things in my personal life.

Smelling: the turkey in the oven.

Wearing: my bathing suit daily in Mexico and loving it!

Following: new people on Instagram.

Noticing: that I’m much happier/positive when the sun is shining.

Knowing: more and more what I want out of life.

Thinking: that unicorns should be real.

Admiring: an old friend who is always positive and has a fierce drive to success.

Sorting: and getting rid of the clutter when possible.

Getting: really nervous to start my volunteer work in a few weeks

Bookmarking: things to do in Idaho for this weekend.

Coveting: some of the way too expensive clothing I see in magazines.

Disliking: inconsiderate people who talk during movies, shows and performances.

Opening: my eyes.

Giggling: over Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – that man is a true comedic genius!

Feeling: excited about this weekend.

Snacking: on protein powder and rice cakes, super yummy snack during the day.

Wishing: I could take another vacation soon!

Helping: others with diets and exercise. Love it!

Hearing: my little girl howl makes me laugh.

Pip from Meet me at Mikes started a taking stock list last year. Since then a number of bloggers have chosen to participate each month, including me. Want to join in + play along too? Head over to Pip’s blog, drop your link in her collection + check out other Taking Stock posts.

Taking Stock | April


Another bustling month and, hopefully, a better list below!

So here’s a look into my April, another chapter down in the book called 2015. Let me know what you think.

Making: Sparkling wine glasses, my DIY project.

Cooking: and creating variations of the low-carb turkey burger from last month. Super good!!!

Drinking: Protein cocoa 🙂

Reading: How the World Sees YOU by Sally Hogshead. I’ve been reading this on and off. Just finished “The Dumpster” by Becky Due and LOVED it! https://beckydue.wordpress.com/ 😀

Wanting: $1000 to just shop for new clothes and shoes! I’m getting the spring wardrobe itch!

Looking: for opportunities to work or volunteer that falls in line with my career goals and passions

Playing: the game of life

Deciding: that I’m ready for change

Wishing: I could move overseas for just a few years.

Enjoying: getting involved in these wonderful, new post ideas!

Waiting: impatiently to buy some new skin care items

Liking: the new hot cereal we’ve been getting. Ah…

Wondering: how to make it all work

Loving: the inspiration I’m getting from my fellow bloggers!

Pondering: whether I really want to tackle painting some walls this summer

Considering: whether I want to only cut off 1-2 inches of hair or *gasp* a full 3 inches! I’ve been growing it out for quite some time so even considering taking off 2-3 inches is crazy for me. I still have another week to decide!

Buying: some new shirts and makeup

Watching: Caribbean Life on HGTV – I love house hunting shows!

Hoping: that my plans will one day work out for the good

Marveling: at how different, yet similar, people are.

Cringing: when I think of moments from my past

Needing: some excitement!

Questioning: how some people leave the house dressed like that. Do they not own a mirror? Or have an honest partner or friend? We need to have people’s backs!

Smelling: the spring air and the fresh hope of new things to come

Wearing: my new foundation Sleek Be Beautiful – really liking it so far!

Following: so many amazing bloggers and I love it!

Noticing: the small things in life, like watching the neighbor kids ride bikes outside and observing other people’s routines and actions

Knowing: that I shouldn’t buy more products and clothes but can’t stop myself

Thinking: that there’s definitely an under current of desires in my thoughts lately

Admiring: those who are extremely comfortable and confident in their skin

Sorting: through thoughts of what will really make me happy

Getting: help from my favorite coworker to recover a lost Word document. So grateful!!

Bookmarking: ideas for new blogs

Coveting: some new experiences

Disliking: the warm, then cold weather. Just stay warm already!

Opening: myself up to even more new experiences and ideas

Giggling: over another blogger giving me a “shout out” on their blog. Super awesome feeling!

Feeling: a little hopeless on something that’s been troubling me lately.

Snacking: on my thoughts

Wishing: (just noticed wishing is on the list twice, mistake? hmm..) wishing for changes!

Helping: friends move. Ugh…

Hearing: the soft patter of rain outside my window

Pip from Meet me at Mikes started a taking stock list last year. Since then a number of bloggers have chosen to participate each month, including me. Want to join in + play along too? Head over to Pip’s blog, drop your link in her collection + check out other Taking Stock posts.