One + Four = Life | March 2016


Welcome to another One + Four = Life posts! Honestly, this month has flat out sucked just a little. It started out great (see below), then turned to crap when I caught the super fun bug name pneumonia. And then passed it on to my husband last week. So, yeah, this month has been a little lackluster on the activity front.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…



The first weekend of the month started out f*cking fantastic. We stayed in SLC on Saturday night, had some pre-drinks, followed by an awesome dinner at The Melting Pot (one of the martinis is picture, along with my husband’s lips), walked around, went to a piano bar then a comedy show. Seriously, one of my all-time favorite nights out. It was great to cut loose, get away for the night, and have some laughs and loads of fun with my partner in crime.


littlesThen shit hit the fan when I started feeling sick a few days later. A couple Instacare visits and a chest x-ray later, I was told it was pneumonia. So I’ve spent the last 3 weeks (literally) sick and unable to do anything. Not so much fun when you feel like total crap, hurt, can’t go to the gym (still) which is one of the most painful parts of this whole ordeal 🙂 and can’t concentrate on homework. Good thing my little girl kept me company during many a lazy day on the couch. Let me just say that day time tv SUCKS and I went through 2 seasons of The Golden Girls. Don’t judge, it’s one of my all-time favorite shows on this earth. This has been pure hell.



Any other time of the day, we’ve been binge watching the original Star Trek series, which I’ve never seen before in my life. Yesterday, we watched the episode with Kahn then watched Star Trek 2 to get some more of the Kahn saga. Actually, I’ve enjoyed the show and the movie more than I anticipated. Good thing my husband introduces me to nerdy shows 🙂

And… Sunday was my birthday (wahoo). But… since I gave my husband pneumonia, he has been down and out since the middle of last week. He was going to take me out but we couldn’t do much of anything. So, he bought me Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and made me a Funfetti cake, minus sprinkles and frosting, for my birthday yesterday. We ate that and watched Star Trek. Not the fantastic birthday day I was hoping for but I applaud his efforts for trying to make it special and fun any way. And that’s all a girl can ask for. Oh, and not to be sick anymore. Do birthday wishes still come true at this age?






One + Four = Life | Feb 2016 (Part 2)


Welcome to another One + Four = Life posts! Honestly, the last half of the month was a little uneventful. Still a good couple of weeks, though I have been sick with either a mild cold or allergies. Never sure which one anymore.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…



Went to the spinal care doctor because I’ve been having back pain since November. This was my awesome getup before the x-ray (which revealed nothing abnormal). I swear these are 7-XL and made for someone 8 feet tall. I felt like a real-life hobbit. Laughing about the gown was the best part of that 3 hour trip. Yes, 3 hours. In a hospital. Lame city…..



Saw The Witch on Sunday. Don’t worry, no spoilers on the plot! Honestly, this is a total Redbox experience, not that I feel ripped off going to the theater. It was just not quite worth theater prices. I was confused by the beginning and the family being banned from their community (??) and a lot of the film was slow moving. The creepy parts were really creepy, just needed to be more fast-paced and creepy all the way through. Overall, just okay, but it got us out of the house.



It’s the little things in life….. Here’s our little girl, Savannah, being super cute as always. We flipped the covers over her head and she was peaking out. After our extensive Star Wars viewing over the last month, we instantly joked that she was secretly a Syth Lord.

Seriously, though, that face!!! Cute!!!


Switched up my workouts the last few weeks, doing new combinations (especially for lower body) and different moves. Oh… my…. god…. I swear my glutes and hams are sore EVERY… SINGLE… DAY. So I basically feel like this –>



One + Four = Life | January 2016


Sooooo…… I forgot about these One + Four = Life posts that I got into last year. These were pretty fun to do, though I may not get to them weekly. I’m hoping for bi-monthly because 1) other priorities and 2) my life just isn’t that exciting, sadly.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…


A few weekends ago, we went to Slamdance in Park City, which coincided with Sundance. If you don’t know it, look it up. Our first time there, didn’t see any movie stars other than the ones in Director’s Cut (which was crowdfunded by people like us). Crazy navigating the town and parking! We had some crappy pizza, thanks Red Bango… did some window shopping (too artsy for me) and watched the movie. It was a different experience but fun!



The beginning of the month, I had a fun girls’ night out to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. We went to Twiggs Bistro and Martini Bar. Had a pineapple martini (not a pic of my actual drink because I forgot to take one, but this is pretty close) and yummy food. I love going out with my two best friends! We don’t do it often enough but it always puts a smile on my face and makes me realize how lucky I am to have them in my life. Man, have we been through some crap….. LOL

wing nuts

This last weekend, we nerd-ed out! First, we kicked off the night with delicious wings from Wing Nuts Restaurant. We shared the bone-in wings with buffalo chips (not pictured), followed by equally amazing Sub Zero ice cream (not pictured). I love their brownie batter w/chocolate chips and cashews. Mmmmm….. Afterwards, we went to a local theater for a comedy-improv of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


To finish out the weekend, and nerd out session, we went to see the actual Star Wars: The Force Awakens (again) in the theater. I really liked it the first time, in 3-D, but liked it even more this time. Perhaps because I caught some more humor and little things that I missed the first go-around. Seriously, this movie kicks ass!



One + Four = Life | April 26


This was a good week indeed. Really, my weeks from here on out will revolve around the gym and training. So my upcoming One + Four posts might be a little boring 🙂 But this week was good. The weekend was definitely the best part because we had nothing going on. I was able to enjoy some quality time with Shawn as we had no where pressing to be and nothing pressing to do. We had some cocoa :), kicked back and relaxed. It was wonderful!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….  


We went to Fit Con Friday and got to listen to some amazing speakers and score lots of free samples of protein, pre-workout and other goodies. Super fun time! Here, Ben Pakulski was giving a talk and called me up to demonstrate some moves. I was super nervous, especially when I looked at the crowd (I had been in the front row) and realized how many people had actually gathered to listen to him. It was pretty cool to be called up though, even if I looked like a sweaty deer in headlights. Spent a great afternoon with the hubby, learning about one of our biggest passions: Fitness.


Selfie alert: meet my left arm! I’m not one who brags but I’ve received a lot of compliments this week on how my upper body is looking. And I’m proud. So really, I’ll consider it just sharing something I’m proud of, not bragging 🙂 I’m still pushing myself each day, bringing the intensity.  Game on!


My mug of protein cocoa, a favorite drink of mine! Super easy to make and super yummy to drink 🙂 I love kicking back after a long day, having a cup of cocoa and relaxing with my little family. This is usually a Sunday treat or after dinner but before dessert treat. It warms my bones.


Another favorite of mine, and something I have almost nightly, is protein cookies with Walden Farms chocolate syrup on top. Picture is before baking. They can also be put in the freezer and eaten as a cold dessert. Delicious and healthy! Love them!!

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One + Four = Life | April 19


The work week was extremely slow moving but full of great workouts and friends. We just got done with a fabulously delicious late lunch (another variation of our favorite mushroom burgers) and are ready to kick back and relax for the rest of the day. Below is another installment of some things from my week.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….

be beautiful

 This is the new foundation I’ve been using the last week – Be Beautiful Blemish Balm by Sleek. I’m really liking it so far! This was recommended by Wayne Goss (my you tube obsession) and I found it on I’m always skeptical of new foundations, especially when I have to guess at which shade to get. But, so far, I’m impressed and enjoying it. Score!

face mask

This little pirate is my new face mask that I’ve also been trying out. I’ve never used a face mask before and was surprised at how quickly my skin tightens after putting it on. My husband loves laughing at me when I come out of the bathroom with a gray/blue face! It’s too early to tell if there will be a noticeable difference with my skin but it’s been fun to try. If anyone has any good recommendations for another great face mask let me know, I’m always up for trying something new! I’ll actually be using this again just shortly…  🙂


Ta da! My Philosophy book from this semester. This class was harder for me, probably because it’s online and I have to try and teach myself some concepts that I don’t fully understand. Think of the blind leading the blind scenario…. I finished my term paper this week and took the final test. I’m all done and not sure when final grades will post but I’m confident I passed the class. Yay!


More time with friends. Friday night we went to the local Bee’s baseball game. Windy and a little chilly but good times. Saturday spent a few hours with my girlfriends laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity. Who writes for that game? And are they hiring? Today we had brunch and great conversation with a good friend of mine and her husband. A weekend full of laid back activities, friends and, now, relaxation with my little family.

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One + Four = Life | April 12


Oh man, not going to lie… I’m glad this week is behind me. Nothing bad happened, just felt exhausted, worn out and crabby. The best part of my week was Thurs-Sat because of the fun activities. Below is another installment of what I’ve been up to this week.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….

glamour mag

Got the new Glamour magazine, always a great day when this arrives! I’m not super trendy or into fashion, nor can I master the makeup tips but I love the magazine just the same. It has some funny articles that I look forward to and some useful ideas or tips that I attempt and (sometimes) get right.


These are tickets for the shows we went to this week. A total of 5. Friday night we went to The Off Broadway Theater, which puts on a comical “improv/scripted” version of famous movies, tv shows and/or plays. Saturday was light/laser shows at the Clarke Planetarium (3 shows total) followed by comedy at the Bob & Tom Show. All were super fun and in early celebration for Shawn’s birthday tomorrow.


Our cute little wiener dog, Savannah. She usually looks away when you take her picture. I was lucky to get this one of her looking up. She was sunbathing on our deck before I came outside to snap pictures. She’s too cute!

sea salt

I bought this Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray because I’m determined to get those beachy waves that I keep seeing in magazines. I could only find 2 options at Target and this one was cheaper. It sucks! This did nothing different for my hair but make it feel super raggedy (like a hobo) and gross the next day. I enjoy the smell though. I’ve given it a good run this week. Definitely won’t buy again!

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One + Four = Life | April 5


One of my new favorite’s in the blogging world, Pip @ Meet Me at Mikes, has created a fun new blog and I’m super excited to try it out!

This past week was filled with a lot of good happenings with work and school, spring fever and anticipation for things yet to come. I love the idea of this blog and had fun thinking about what items I wanted to capture and share today. It was really a great way to stop and think about different moments of my day, tying into the mindfulness I’ve been working towards in my daily life.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….

plant 2This is the poinsettia we got from work, over the Christmas holiday last year. He’s not much to look at now, he’s a little brown around the edges with minimal leaves. Now, I’m not known for my green thumb. I don’t have so much as a green thumbnail. But I do my best to remember to water him and leave the blinds open so he can soak up a little rays. I feel a small sense of accomplishment that he’s lasted this long but also sorrow for letting him down. We’re sticking it out until the end though. Stay strong little friend!


I love oatmeal. I eat it daily, sometimes twice a day. I look forward to it the same way a small child looks forward to Christmas. This week, Shawn bought a “Hot Cereal w/pecan” mix. I combined it with my oatmeal and blueberries and, HOLY COW! What a phenominal treat! I’m already craving more…


I keep a few photos of my family in my office and this is one little combo right next to my computer. It’s a cheap, ruined, unusable coffee mug I got from Shutterfly (never again!), ironically, with the phrase “Life is Good” on one side and pictures of my cute little family on the other side. It sits next to a photo of me and Shawn in Hawaii from the early stages of our relationship. Both make me smile during the day.

lunch bag
It’s not glamourous but this sums up my daily routine. No, it’s not a cooler packed for a fun trip. It’s my daily lunch bag. I pack quite a few containers of food each day and my little cooler is pretty handy. Love this cooler!

If you’re interested in playing along, head over to Pip’s blog and drop your link in her collection + check out other One + Four = Life posts. Drop your link below as well, I would love to check them out!