Kick Excuses to the Curb


Seriously, enough with the excuses on not being able to eat healthy or workout. No, this does not include actual, valid reasons for situations. I’m talking about just plain excuses thrown out to justify an unhealthy action….. For these, I have no sympathy.

      I forgot my lunch and had no choice but to stop by McDonald’s for a Big Mac and large fry.  

     I didn’t have time to cook a healthy meal so I ordered a pizza. 

It’s soooo hard getting up early to go to the gym.

[Insert another lame excuse right here]

Stop coming up with a million excuses how you can’t do something and start coming up with ways you can do something.


Throw Loudies from the Wine Train! Choo Choo!



This article was sent by my husband because of an inside joke (one that I will not be sharing here) about loud people. On our many travels, we have encountered groups of extremely loud people. Ones so loud that it’s disruptive to others in the surrounding area and makes it difficult to hear what your own group members are saying, let alone enjoy whatever activity you’re partaking in.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make some noise but, as always, there is an acceptable level with any activity and outing. Some people exceed that. For the record, I have been part of a group of “too loud” people and have felt mortified having others stare in disgust or aggravation because it’s disrupted their good time.

This article also struck a chord with me on another level. Frankly, I’m sick of people playing the “race card”. Now don’t me wrong, I don’t live in a rose colored world where everyone is treated equal. I don’t. That’s not my point.

But, seriously… How self-absorbed are people that they think anything bad that happens to them is because of the color of their skin? How about… you got kicked off the bus because you were being super loud, extremely disrespectful to the other passengers and were repeatedly asked to keep down the noise level and refused to take the FREE tickets for your own private vehicle?? How about them apples?

Maybe next time, don’t be so damn selfish that you think everyone on that train wants to hear your cackling comments and every word out of your mouth at top decibel.

Rant over….

Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #7



I like the word “quirk”; it’s quirky. A much better term than “weird” to describe the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me.

Here are a few more quirks that make me, me. Share some of yours below, I would love to hear them!

bread1. End Slice. Some people dislike the end piece of bread. Despise it, even. Me? My only complaint is that my sandwich gets screwed on thickness but, other than that, I’m totally fine with the end piece. I feel bad when it gets tossed. It didn’t do anything to anyone. So I eat it. And enjoy it.

water2. Cold Water. I like my water cold. Not warm, not luke-warm. Cold. Unless I’m dying of thirst, I will not drink anything but cold water.

bowl3. Bowls. Just like with my spoons, I prefer certain bowls for certain things. It makes my life easier. In my mind, at least. At work, there is a certain bowl I use to mix up my protein. I hate when others use it and I have to use a bigger bowl. At home, I use certain plastic bowls for everything. Shawn bought new ones that have ridges. I don’t like the ridges. I will shuffle through the bowls until I find the one I want to use. The pictured bowls are the actual style bowl we have. Love them!

Stay tuned for more quirks next week. I have a million of them

Flash Back – White Cheddar Popcorn



It’s amazing how a song, food, smells, etc. can take you back to a place in time. And it takes you back so much that you can recall almost every detail, feeling and thought at that time. Sometimes it’s a happy memory, sometimes not.

I experienced that feeling this week. It happened while eating a white cheddar cheese rice cake. We picked up a pack while grocery shopping this last weekend and decided to give them a try. I put protein powder on mine (shocker!) and, as soon as I bit into the cake, was transported back to fishing during my younger years. Fishing and white cheddar, you say?

Well… when I was growing up, my dad always took me fishing. It was our bonding time. He would pack all the gear and we would get up at the butt crack of dawn, then head over to the gas station for worms, soda pop, beef jerky (him) and a bag of white cheddar popcorn (me). We would driver to whatever local fishing spot seemed promising that day, get the poles ready and drop in the lines. While waiting, we would snack on the jerky and popcorn. I remember my little fingers with dirt and worm guts (from baiting the hooks) reaching in for more popcorn (gross, I know, but I didn’t care back then). If the fish weren’t biting, we would take our poles and set up somewhere else. I was impatient even back then (surprise, surprise), so after awhile I would reel in my line and just hang out with my dad and talk. I’m sure he hated me scaring the fish away 🙂 but he never stopped me, just told me to whisper.

Before this week, it had been ages since I’ve had white cheddar anything. Passing the popcorn bags in the grocery store has always made me smile but biting into that rice cake knocked me back into my childhood.

For me, these are happy memories and ones that I will always cherish.

One + Life = Four | June 18


I’ve been a little behind on my life posts, these last few weeks have been pretty busy. So, here’s a quick recap of everything since my last post on June 7th. (Big breath!) Started adjusting back to “real” life after the comp, it’s still weird not working out as much but I’m loving the fact that I love being at the gym again and don’t see it as a chore. We had a BBQ with our friends last Wednesday, tried some elk burgers and saw their new (well, 6 month old) little boy. It was a fun few hours! Last weekend, we did some things around the house, checked out some tile for our kitchen backsplash and did some relaxing. This week has been spent getting ready for Mexico, we leave tomorrow!!! So excited!!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….


Okay, this is from a few Sundays ago but it’s a cute pic that I wanted to share. After the gym, we decided to spend a little time at the local pool a few blocks from our house. It was fun walking around the little lagoon area and walking under the water. It was nice to enjoy the warm weather and spend time just kicking back with the hubs.

texas roadhouseWent to lunch with both of our parents and two of our very good friends. I love this place! And the company was great. It was a combo lunch, for my father-in-law’s birthday and an early Father’s Day for my dad since we’ll be gone on the actual day. It’s always great spending time with our wacky family and friends!

VideoAnd last night, I was fortunate to get recruited for some workout videos by an old friend who is super awesome. It was spur of the moment and I had tons of fun!Here’s a pic of one portion of the video. It will be used for marketing purposes for his personal training business. Really glad I was able to do this and, hey, it never hurts to get my face out in the world! 😀

flyingThis will be us tomorrow, on our way to Mexico! We’ll be staying at two different resorts in Playa Del Carmen – I can’t wait for some fun in the sun!!! After the stress of the last few months, between work and the competition, this is a much needed vacation and I’m super excited!


One + Life = Four | June 7


I’m a few days late on my Sunday “life” post but this was one exhausting weekend! My weekdays consisted of training, eating and more training. Friday, I had to get my stage tan, attend the competitor’s meeting and prep some things for the next day. Saturday was a loooooong day. Up at 4:30am and didn’t get to bed until 1:30am but it was great! The competition was amazing. I was stressed, nervous and excited but I had a super fun day and am really proud of myself. See below!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….


Me and my parents after I won my trophies. I know their expressions don’t show it, but they’re really excited and happy for me 🙂 My dad rarely smiles and my mom always has the “I’m so proud I could cry” look on her face whenever we accomplish something. They’re happy people, I swear. 🙂 I couldn’t have been happier at that moment, unless there was food involved. You’ll have to wait for the professional pics to be posted to see my suit!

trophiesClose up of my trophies. The smaller one is for 2nd place in my division (Novice Figure A) and the taller one is for 3rd place in the Open class (Figure). I can finally add some trophies of my own to my husband’s collection of bodybuilding trophy shelf 🙂 There is no money for winning, just these trophies and the sheer satisfaction of knowing what I accomplished.

pancakesThese are the start of our second round of pancakes at Denny’s, after the competition. First round was IHOP, then we made a last minute decision on the way home to stop at Denny’s. We’re like hobbits and consider this second breakfast. And damn they were good!! 🙂

muffinsHealthy blueberry muffins we made on Sunday. Blueberry protein powder and real blueberries made these phenomenal! This is exactly what I meant about getting back to normal life and our regular flexible dieting. So much yummy, healthy food we hardly know where to begin!!

Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #5


quirksI like the word “quirk”; it’s quirky. A much better term than “weird” to describe the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me.

Here are a few more quirks that make me, me. Share some of yours below, I would love to hear them!

dishes1. Dishes. I’m a dish Nazi in the sense that, when I wash dishes (yes, I actually hand wash dishes….), they must be methodically placed in the strainer to maximize space. When Shawn does them, I secretly cringe a little because bowls are everywhere, plates turned in different directions (AH!!!) and things randomly thrown in. I let it go because I’m glad he helps with the dishes. He doesn’t know the horrific chaos inside my head when this happens. What can I say? I like to have orderly dishes.

call2. Email/Phone Call Combo. I hate this combo. You know, where someone emails you then immediately calls you to either a) ask if you’ve gotten their email even though you haven’t received the email yet, let alone had time to read it, or b) proceeds to say they’ve emailed you and then explains the entire email to you. Seriously? Either email and wait for a response or, if it’s that urgent, just CALL in the first place. Don’t double bombard me with your stupidity.

poo3. Dog poop. I hate when people don’t clean up dog poop when taking their dogs for a walk. It bothers me to the point that I stew about it for minutes. How dare people?! It makes me want to bag it up, follow them and leave it on their porch with a note that says “Excuse me, I believe you dropped this…” Ugh!

Stay tuned for more quirks next week. I have a million of them…