The Dog Ate My Earplugs…


OH MY GOD, had to do an update on this one! Shawn called me on his last day off and says, “I’ve just made a discovery and wanted to let you know that I will never doubt you again and owe you an apology”. All the words that a girl loves to hear out of the blue, right? So, while cleaning up the yard, “aka” the doggie bombs, Shawn noticed bright orange ear plugs laying on the ground. He initially started wondering what neighbor had thrown their ear plugs into the yard and then thought “Oh.. wait…”

Sure enough, both pairs (4 ear plugs) were there in the grass. No teeth marks, nothing. You could basically have rinsed them off and *bam* had some new ear plugs. I laughed so hard the whole phone call and even after we hung up. Shawn was being a good dad and defending his little girl but I was right all along. Little terd DID eat my ear plugs! Makes for a funny story 🙂

My Routine Crazy Life

Sounds like the punch line to a really funny joke, right? Wrong. For real… the dog ate my earplugs. It’s hard to believe that our sweet little princess (pictured below, with grass in her mouth after being caught eating said grass) would do such a thing. So how do I know she ate them, you may be asking yourself? Simple. THEY’RE GONE! *POOF* Just like that.

Savannah So the earplugs that I’ve been using for the last 1-2 weeks and keeping on my nightstand, were magically gone one night. Getting ready for bed Saturday night, I reached for my plugs to discover they were gone. “Okay,” I thought, “Maybe they rolled off the stand.” Nope. I checked under the night stand, under the bed, between the wall and the head of the bed. No where to be found. Surely I had misplaced them or something then, right? Nah. Turns out there was…

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Do You Even Lift, Bro? – Gym Fail #371 & 697


We have a double wammy today! A bi-fecta, so to speak!

So I’m at the gym this morning, doing legs (one of my favorite days!) and I’m dragging a**. It’s been a long week…. So… I make my way over to the leg extension machine, pound out 3 of my 5 sets, all the while counting down the reps until I’m done because I feel like a quickly deflating balloon when *bam*, I see it. The lurker. You know, that person who hovers around, looking like they want to ask something.

gym lurkers

We make eye contact (I’m mid-set mind you) and I get the gesture. You know, the waving hand while mouthing something I can’t make out. (Keep in mind, I have earphones in. For a reason.) I stop my set, take my earphones out and ask what’s up. Lurker says “How many more sets do you have left?” To be fair, this is proper gym etiquette; however, not DURING a set. Fail #1. I tell him I have a few more sets. In trying to hurry, I decide to do drop sets with minimal wait time in between, clean the machine when I’m done then go across the gym to use the calf machine. It only takes 2-3 minutes, tops, to reach said machine, put weight on and sit down.

As I sit down to start my set, I see Lurker. Except he’s not on the leg extension machine. He’s switched gears entirely and is now doing pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine.

seriouslySeriously? You interrupt my set, make me rush through my remaining 2 sets, just to do one set on the machine? Fail #2. Because squeezing in that really intense quad workout before moving on to back provides optimal gains….

Happy Bi-Fecta Friday! Good thing he didn’t attempt this faux-pas yesterday, on Throat-Punch Thursday 🙂