My Workout Schedule – Check Meowt!


Some people are curious as to others’ workout schedules (I know I am!) and I’ve been asked about mine. So here it is… My current training schedule.

What does YOUR schedule look like? What’s your favorite/least favorite body part to work?



Sunday: Hamstrings, Calves & Back (all heavy weight)

Monday: Shoulders & Chest (heavy), Bicep & Tricep (medium)

Tuesday: Quadriceps & Calves (heavy)

Wednesday: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Bicep & Tricep (medium)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Calves (medium-heavy)

Saturday: Shoulders (medium-heavy), Bicep & Tricep (heavy)


My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 12: Say Cheese!


Professional pictures are finally in and I’m (for the most part), satisfied. The pictures confirmed what I already knew… I need to work on my smiling posing 🙂

Other than that, I couldn’t be happier and more proud of making it to the stage. Thanks again for following my journal AND my blog!

Open Class

Open Class – 3rd Place (From left: 4th place, 2nd place, 1st place, 3rd place, 5th place)

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One + Life = Four | June 7


I’m a few days late on my Sunday “life” post but this was one exhausting weekend! My weekdays consisted of training, eating and more training. Friday, I had to get my stage tan, attend the competitor’s meeting and prep some things for the next day. Saturday was a loooooong day. Up at 4:30am and didn’t get to bed until 1:30am but it was great! The competition was amazing. I was stressed, nervous and excited but I had a super fun day and am really proud of myself. See below!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….


Me and my parents after I won my trophies. I know their expressions don’t show it, but they’re really excited and happy for me 🙂 My dad rarely smiles and my mom always has the “I’m so proud I could cry” look on her face whenever we accomplish something. They’re happy people, I swear. 🙂 I couldn’t have been happier at that moment, unless there was food involved. You’ll have to wait for the professional pics to be posted to see my suit!

trophiesClose up of my trophies. The smaller one is for 2nd place in my division (Novice Figure A) and the taller one is for 3rd place in the Open class (Figure). I can finally add some trophies of my own to my husband’s collection of bodybuilding trophy shelf 🙂 There is no money for winning, just these trophies and the sheer satisfaction of knowing what I accomplished.

pancakesThese are the start of our second round of pancakes at Denny’s, after the competition. First round was IHOP, then we made a last minute decision on the way home to stop at Denny’s. We’re like hobbits and consider this second breakfast. And damn they were good!! 🙂

muffinsHealthy blueberry muffins we made on Sunday. Blueberry protein powder and real blueberries made these phenomenal! This is exactly what I meant about getting back to normal life and our regular flexible dieting. So much yummy, healthy food we hardly know where to begin!!

My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 11: Whew!


June 9 – Check out my video and a short post below. Enjoy! (Password: Journey)

It’s been weird adjusting back into normal life these last few days. You don’t realize how much time, energy and focus is spent on a competition until you actually do it. While it was fun, I’m excited and ready to focus on my life again and create a better balance, enjoy everything more and get back to flexible dieting. It’s been kick-ass having regular food AND PEANUT BUTTER again 🙂 I’ll post the professional pics when I get them. Check out my One + Four = Life blog post for the few pics I do have.

One + Four = Life | May 31


Another busy week down! My week revolved around my workouts mostly, feels like I live at the gym right now. I also met with my volunteer coordinator to go over my paperwork, tour the facility and briefly discuss how things will work when I start volunteering in July. It’s been a great weekend so far, even took our little girl for a short walk on Saturday, a walk today and got caught up on homework so I can take this coming week off and focus on the competition and had a relaxing night.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…

walk 1

Me and our little girl, Savannah, during our walk yesterday. This is one of the rare times she’s actually looking at the camera; she tends to turn her head at the last minute. This was about the only shaded spot. We did a quick loop around the baseball field area because Savannah can’t do long treks. It was a nice little break from the house and gym though, plus I love spending some time with my family 🙂

walk 2Another view on our walk. The trail runs through multiple cities and you can join at multiple spots. This entrance we used is right next to my work and the area isn’t the most scenic (on the West side) but the East side (towards the river) is really beautiful in spots. I’m no artist but these old tracks are really calm and pretty in my opinion.

abs yetI just love this one! It sums up a lot of my feelings lately, with the competition getting closer. Plus it’s a cute picture 🙂

Still working hard now that it’s down to the wire. Only 6 more days!!!!

trailA cute pic of us on our trail walk today. The same trail by my work that we went on yesterday, just a different direction. Below is a view of the river from the bridge. It was nice to get out in the sunshine!

Totally by coincidence, we’re wearing shirts by the same company. Fear not, we usually aren’t that “matchy-matchy” couple 😉

trail 2



My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 9: The Fog Rolls In


May 28 – Another video and this time it went a lot smoother than the last one! One good thing is that Vimeo, the site I’m using to download the videos, only allows me to do one per week. So at least you guys only have to actually see my mug once a week 😉

Hope you enjoy the video. As always, let me know what you think!

Password: Journey