Do You Even Lift, Bro? – Gym Fail #371 & 697


We have a double wammy today! A bi-fecta, so to speak!

So I’m at the gym this morning, doing legs (one of my favorite days!) and I’m dragging a**. It’s been a long week…. So… I make my way over to the leg extension machine, pound out 3 of my 5 sets, all the while counting down the reps until I’m done because I feel like a quickly deflating balloon when *bam*, I see it. The lurker. You know, that person who hovers around, looking like they want to ask something.

gym lurkers

We make eye contact (I’m mid-set mind you) and I get the gesture. You know, the waving hand while mouthing something I can’t make out. (Keep in mind, I have earphones in. For a reason.) I stop my set, take my earphones out and ask what’s up. Lurker says “How many more sets do you have left?” To be fair, this is proper gym etiquette; however, not DURING a set. Fail #1. I tell him I have a few more sets. In trying to hurry, I decide to do drop sets with minimal wait time in between, clean the machine when I’m done then go across the gym to use the calf machine. It only takes 2-3 minutes, tops, to reach said machine, put weight on and sit down.

As I sit down to start my set, I see Lurker. Except he’s not on the leg extension machine. He’s switched gears entirely and is now doing pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine.

seriouslySeriously? You interrupt my set, make me rush through my remaining 2 sets, just to do one set on the machine? Fail #2. Because squeezing in that really intense quad workout before moving on to back provides optimal gains….

Happy Bi-Fecta Friday! Good thing he didn’t attempt this faux-pas yesterday, on Throat-Punch Thursday 🙂