One + Four = Life | March 2016


Welcome to another One + Four = Life posts! Honestly, this month has flat out sucked just a little. It started out great (see below), then turned to crap when I caught the super fun bug name pneumonia. And then passed it on to my husband last week. So, yeah, this month has been a little lackluster on the activity front.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…



The first weekend of the month started out f*cking fantastic. We stayed in SLC on Saturday night, had some pre-drinks, followed by an awesome dinner at The Melting Pot (one of the martinis is picture, along with my husband’s lips), walked around, went to a piano bar then a comedy show. Seriously, one of my all-time favorite nights out. It was great to cut loose, get away for the night, and have some laughs and loads of fun with my partner in crime.


littlesThen shit hit the fan when I started feeling sick a few days later. A couple Instacare visits and a chest x-ray later, I was told it was pneumonia. So I’ve spent the last 3 weeks (literally) sick and unable to do anything. Not so much fun when you feel like total crap, hurt, can’t go to the gym (still) which is one of the most painful parts of this whole ordeal 🙂 and can’t concentrate on homework. Good thing my little girl kept me company during many a lazy day on the couch. Let me just say that day time tv SUCKS and I went through 2 seasons of The Golden Girls. Don’t judge, it’s one of my all-time favorite shows on this earth. This has been pure hell.



Any other time of the day, we’ve been binge watching the original Star Trek series, which I’ve never seen before in my life. Yesterday, we watched the episode with Kahn then watched Star Trek 2 to get some more of the Kahn saga. Actually, I’ve enjoyed the show and the movie more than I anticipated. Good thing my husband introduces me to nerdy shows 🙂

And… Sunday was my birthday (wahoo). But… since I gave my husband pneumonia, he has been down and out since the middle of last week. He was going to take me out but we couldn’t do much of anything. So, he bought me Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and made me a Funfetti cake, minus sprinkles and frosting, for my birthday yesterday. We ate that and watched Star Trek. Not the fantastic birthday day I was hoping for but I applaud his efforts for trying to make it special and fun any way. And that’s all a girl can ask for. Oh, and not to be sick anymore. Do birthday wishes still come true at this age?






5 thoughts on “One + Four = Life | March 2016

  1. My daughter, Audrey, and I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD, which we have been renting from our local library. She’s 7 and has never seen any of them before, but she is now hooked.
    We got to the end of season 3 (out of 7) and found the library doesn’t stock the remaining four seasons!
    Anyone who has seen the series will know what a crucial point in the story that is, so we weren’t thrilled. Now I have to find the entire series box-set on e-Bay, just so we can continue our binge.

    Pneumonia sounds nasty, I hope you are recovering well.

    • Oh no! It’s terrible when you’re part way through a series and don’t have the remainder! Hopefully you’ve since found them? I haven’t seen the Next Generation but I’m sure that’s next on the list. LOL We’re still making our way through the original series. Oh man, pneumonia is NOT something I would ever want again. Other than a lingering cough, I’m recovered. Now trying to get back into my gym routine again. I feel like a newbie after taking a month off!

      • I’ve now got a horrible cough from the end of my cold and I think I can get Star Trek online for about £30 for the entire seven seasons. We found all three series of “Sliders” (if anyone still remembers that ’90s sci-fi) and we’re working our way through that.
        And there’s a new Star Wars movie out for Christmas, Yay!

      • I’ve taken a very loooooonnngggg break from WordPress. Hope you and your daughter made it through Sliders (it doesn’t ring any bells). And enjoyed Star Wars last Christmas! We sure did! And I hope life is still treating you well!

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