One + Four = Life | Feb 2016 (Part 2)


Welcome to another One + Four = Life posts! Honestly, the last half of the month was a little uneventful. Still a good couple of weeks, though I have been sick with either a mild cold or allergies. Never sure which one anymore.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…



Went to the spinal care doctor because I’ve been having back pain since November. This was my awesome getup before the x-ray (which revealed nothing abnormal). I swear these are 7-XL and made for someone 8 feet tall. I felt like a real-life hobbit. Laughing about the gown was the best part of that 3 hour trip. Yes, 3 hours. In a hospital. Lame city…..



Saw The Witch on Sunday. Don’t worry, no spoilers on the plot! Honestly, this is a total Redbox experience, not that I feel ripped off going to the theater. It was just not quite worth theater prices. I was confused by the beginning and the family being banned from their community (??) and a lot of the film was slow moving. The creepy parts were really creepy, just needed to be more fast-paced and creepy all the way through. Overall, just okay, but it got us out of the house.



It’s the little things in life….. Here’s our little girl, Savannah, being super cute as always. We flipped the covers over her head and she was peaking out. After our extensive Star Wars viewing over the last month, we instantly joked that she was secretly a Syth Lord.

Seriously, though, that face!!! Cute!!!


Switched up my workouts the last few weeks, doing new combinations (especially for lower body) and different moves. Oh… my…. god…. I swear my glutes and hams are sore EVERY… SINGLE… DAY. So I basically feel like this –>




3 thoughts on “One + Four = Life | Feb 2016 (Part 2)

  1. Redbox?

    I’ve been watching the Star Wars – Rebels animated series with Audrey, it’s superb. Better than all of the movies of episodes 1,2 and 3 put together, I reckon.

  2. I loved the Rebels series! It gets better every season, too. For me, Seasons 4-6 were my favorites. So Redbox is literally a box where you can rent movies. Instead of going to a Blockbuster, or video store, to rent a movie, we have what’s called Redbox here in the U.S. The boxes around here are at Walmart, 7-11, McDonald’s, etc. type places. You can rent in person or online. In person, you can look at the movie options at that particular box, “order” it and it pops out of a machine. Kind of like a vending machine. Online, you can search for movies at locations near you and “order/reserve” it, then go to that location, enter your credit card in the slot and the movie comes out. It’s actually pretty cool. I swear, only Americans can come up with ways to make easy things easier. LOL

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