Taking Stock | December



So here’s a look into my December (yes, I’m a few days early), the final chapter in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by finishing up the school semester a week early followed by a trip to Orlando, Florida, where we hit about every theme park in existence. Exhausting but totally fun! The rest of the month has flown by, with the holiday and all. I can’t believe another year has come and gone. This year had it’s bright spots but, overall, wasn’t one of my favorites. Crossing my fingers that 2016 will be an improvement!

Making: strides.

Cooking: stuffed-turkey peppers – super yum!

Drinking: way too much alcohol than was necessary

Reading: a ton! Finished the Harry Potter series and have almost finished the Twilight series. Say what you will (though the movies were terrible), the Twilight series is one of my favorite reads.

Wanting: to shop like a fiend!

Looking: forward to a quiet night in for New Years, with some cheese, crackers and wine. 🙂

Playing: some fun games during the mini breaks at my internship. Those are my favorite days.

Deciding: that I simply cannot, and do not, want to live without chocolate and peanut butter. Ever.

Wishing: my new supplement regiment will work

Enjoying: the lights of my decorated Christmas tree. Looking at the tree makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Waiting: for the holiday crowds to dissipate. Too many people out and about.

Liking: having my little doggies come visit for the week, though one of them is ornery as hell sometimes

Wondering: why I’ve let my old CD’s gather dust on the shelf. Busted ’em out!

Loving: my new Harry Potter t-shirt!

Pondering: why the holidays aren’t as jolly for me the last handful of years.

Considering: other opportunities

Buying: school books. Ugh.

Watching: The Wire, it’s super addicting. We’ve been binge watching this whole week.

Hoping: that things will turn around for the better.

Marveling: at how I’ve survived living with snow all these years. I hate the cold.

Cringing: at the amount of supplements I have to buy now.

Needing: my massage today, can’t wait!

Questioning: whether we really needed to visit the buffet this last weekend. Too much yummy food.

Smelling: “Christmas Cookie” lotion, a xmas gift from my mom

Wearing: hoodies and more hoodies lately. I’m basically a scrub at work. At least, that’s what it feels like 🙂

Following: my own advise more

Noticing: the little things

Knowing: that attitude and mindset are everything!

Thinking: of joining the circus but not as the person who catches elephant poop.

Admiring: people who have managed to stay together for so long. How do they accomplish this?

Sorting: through my emotions. It’s a tough job.

Getting: excited for another long weekend

Bookmarking: more books I want to read on Goodreads.com

Coveting: new blouses and home art décor!

Disliking: negative people

Opening: Christmas presents, love it!

Giggling: at my dog running back and forth like a crazy freak, for no reason. Seriously, got it on video.

Feeling: tired, per usual

Snacking: on Ghirardelli chocolates my coworker gave me for xmas. Delicious evilness.

Wishing: I knew the right path in life

Helping: my parents get to and from the airport

Hearing: classical music while at work, it’s been nice listening to something new.