Taking Stock | August



So here’s a look into my August, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month has been progressive and busy. I’m contemplating switching my degree from Health Promotion to Human Performance Management and have been setting up meetings with people in the industry, scheduling times to shadow different fields and looking for volunteer opportunities. The hubs and I have also been doing various activities and fun stuff. Due to a slower business trend, we’ll have to take some mandatory furlough days which is a good/bad thing. I hate parting with my money but it will be nice to have some extra time off to do more fun stuff 🙂

I took a break from the blogging world for a bit and neglected some of the words below, forgiveness please! And, yes, I know it’s now September AND it’s almost over. Yet, I wanted to throw August out there because I hate “missing” part of a sequence. OCD #52 😀

Making: a new recipe – steak w/chili powder rub and brown rice w/pineapple and cilantro. Hubby loved it, it was soooo good!

Cooking: hobo dinners

Drinking: wine!

Reading: Finished the 4 Hour Work Week and the fourth Harry Potter book. Starting the fifth Harry Potter book (Order of the Phoenix) and possibly an organization book.

Wanting: to try a wild hair color but it’s too much maintenance

Looking: for new job opportunities


Deciding: that it’s time to de-clutter my house even more.

Wishing: I could get my foot in the door at a company in the health/fitness field.

Enjoying: our new Frisbee


Liking: taking a step back from social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Wondering: if Wen products are really worth the money. Have used a few times so far.


Pondering: taking some 6 week courses at the local applied tech college, just for fun but that will enhance my own life



Watching: Ballers (love it!) and Star Wars cartoons

Hoping: that my shirts I ordered from JoeFresh.com will fit/look right. They were on clearance and are non-returnable :O


Cringing: at most fashion looks in magazines. Seriously, who really wears that stuff? Or can afford to?

Needing: a mental health day. Good thing we have furlough days! LOL

Questioning: what career path I want to take

Smelling: not much lately, this smog has gotten me extra stuffy

Wearing: my new “boyfriend” shirt from Target. Really, it’s just a v neck t shirt to me.

Following: the plan devised by my wellness coach at work (trying to any way)

Noticing: that the huge heat wave we got last month has tapered off to mid-80’s – 90’s most days


Thinking: that these mandatory furlough days are semi-good. More time doing fun stuff? Yes please!


Sorting: through things at home, de-cluttering what I can

Getting: excited for our trip to Bear Lake this weekend – camping with friends!

Bookmarking: job search sites (been looking at other opportunities for a few weeks)

Coveting: a new job. Why can’t school hurry the hell up?

Disliking: stale coffee.


Giggling: while reminiscing about 80’s movies. Classics!

Feeling: a little puffy lately

Snacking: on turkey sticks and almonds

Wishing: I could retire early and move to an exotic island like people on House Hunters