Taking Stock | July



So here’s a look into my July, another chapter down in the book called 2015.

What was YOUR favorite part of this month? Comment below! If you start your own Taking Stock – leave the URL below – would love to read all about your world 🙂

This month was kicked off by a wine tasting trip to Boise, ID. Lots of fun! The rest of month has been spent on homework (boo!), getting into my volunteer work, fun outings with friends, and settling into “normal” life after the competition and our vacation to Mexico.

Making: plans with friends

Cooking: healthy favorites – yum!!

Drinking: water – it’s my go to, though I don’t drink enough.

Reading: through the Harry Potter series with a flurry! Love the movies more but the books are still great 🙂

Wanting: to narrow down my focus with blogging and start some new things

Looking: for an escape!

Playing: music at work courtesy of Jango.com (free!)

Deciding: that it’s a shame for older people to end up the way they do sometimes. Sad.

Wishing: I had a job I enjoyed more. One day!

Enjoying: switching up my workouts!

Waiting: sucks!

Liking: my new Maybelline Nudes eye shadow. Not perfect but good enough!

Wondering: what/where I should get a tattoo. This is permanent business!!

Loving: the sunshine and bright days. Love natural light in my house 😀

Pondering: why people choose the hairstyles they choose. Yikes!

Considering: getting the Wen hair care products next month since I have a special coupon. Only $20! I’ve always wondered about this product.

Buying: some new books – “4 hour workweek” and “Organizing from the Inside Out”. Looking forward to both!

Watching: some good movies lately – The Terminator and Ant Man

Hoping: for some happy changes this next year. Come on!

Marveling: at the beautiful sunset

Cringing: pajama wearing peeps out in public. Ah!!!

Needing: some space, quiet and alone time

Questioning: some relationships

Smelling: cookies baking is one of the most wonderful things in this world. So delicious….

Wearing: some things from my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile. It’s time to like them or donate them!

Following: lots of new Instagram peeps

Noticing: that I’ve been super irritable this week.

Knowing: that some tough decisions need to be made

Thinking: how nice it would to be back on the beach 😀

Admiring: how people build a thriving business

Sorting: through feelings

Getting: anxious for some change

Bookmarking: inspiring people

Coveting: some new clothes!

Disliking: feeling stuck

Opening: my mind

Giggling: at funny videos on Facebook.

Feeling: good about hanging out more with friends this month.

Snacking: on peanut M&M’s and reese’s pieces – only a few pieces at a time.

Wishing: I would make faster progress!

Helping: at the volunteer center

Hearing: thunder outside


15 thoughts on “Taking Stock | July

  1. hey mcowder what’s shakin? have you considered a travel blog? your travels are interesting/entertaining, you have been a lot of places this July it seems and I’d love to hear more about this wine tasting trip. I am not a red wine drinker it just doesn’t go down well for me. what was your nude eye shadow called? I love the names of things, I have a shadow called french roast…I love the name more than the color lol but it is nice every blue moon. please write a review on the wen hair, I keep seeing that around lately …and sister from another mister, the smell of baking cookies…you ain’t never been more right! I just made oatmeal the other day, this morning I will be making oatmeal muffins, those are delectable.
    sorry this is long but…p.s: what are you studying? or what is the homework in? my husband is sending me back to school in September to finish my degree,so..looks like I may have to shut down blogging, and continue my life as a stay at Homer until it is finished, the whole thought makes me sick to my stomach… not going to school because I do love education, but turning a new chapter …unrelated to my old chapter, I know people do that all the time, it’s just I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet and I think I know it has to be done. so accounting and bugget analyzing here I come, any who…you know I ramble alot, If I shut down I will peep in to check out your blog and leave these old lengthy comments still, I love your posts, they make me happy :] Take care and happy August!!

    • I haven’t thought of a travel blog but I can definitely expand on that idea! We travel as much as possible and try new things, whether it’s going places, plays, activities, etc. We just want to experience life and different things. Even if it’s a fail, it makes for a great story/adventure! 🙂 I’m not a red wine lover, there are some I can tolerate but that’s it. Surprisingly, I found a red that I wasn’t too bad but I much prefer the Moscato white wines, which are sweeter. The eye shadow was The Nudes by Maybelline. I’m not sure what the exact colors are called. It’s not the most pigmented pallet but it works for me. I hate spending a lot on makeup. I’ll keep you posted on the Wen products, I’m hoping to order in the next few weeks. I’ve been trying to keep my spending in check! LOL I’m going to school for my Bachelor’s in Health Promotion with a minor in Nutrition. I already have an Associate’s in Health & Exercise Science. Took me awhile to go back but I’m motivated to get out of my current job and into something that I actually enjoy. Right now, I’m finishing my health an Excel classes, and doing Math 1010 through an applied tech school. So I technically have 3 classes. Ugh. I know what you mean about the new chapters in life, it’s always hard to adjust. Especially when it’s an unknown. And it’s bitter sweet. So what are you going back to school for? Sounds like an accounting or business degree? Are you going to continue with your skin care gig? Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      • yuppers, accounting and data management ( we calculated that the time I will spend being a stay at home mom I could essentially complete a masters…so why not?) The only way I will continue with skin care is if my hub gets layed off this winter. my weekend was interesting, lots of baking, my grampa is in town so, we’ve been visiting with him. how was your weekend?

      • So do you already have your degree in Accounting and now you’re just going for the Master’s? It never hurts to have more education and degrees in this day and age, that’s for sure! Is skin care something you could do on the side? What does your husband do? Glad to hear you had a good weekend, baking and time with gramps sounds fun! My weekend was pretty good, We took my in-laws out to visit my parents at a local campsite and had dinner. Nothing too exciting this weekend! LOL

      • I started a degree in accounting and never finished because i wanted to do spa things. so I will be finishing a b.s in a counting with specialization in data management and analysis then my masters will be in finance. yes I could, but I doesn’t seem likely, my little one has taken an interest in ballet and we are putting the baby in baby soccer. I don’t want to divide myself in too many areas so I figure I need to be 100% involved with the kids since they aren’t school age yet and 100% to being a buget analyst (both are full time gigs). my husband is a truck driver. he used to be over the road but he now works for a local materials and asphalt company. nice, dinner with all the parents! hope the meal was delish.

      • Well good luck with the school! I know what you mean about dividing yourself too thin, trust me! I wish we could clone ourselves sometimes so we could accomplish everything we want to in a day.

    • Okay, I can’t remember which of your posts covered this but… recently, you mentioned clarifying your skin for 30 days. Like wearing no makeup, etc. Can you do a post on this whole routine?? I can’t remember if the scrubs were different than the oatmeal one from a previous post. Could you summarize again or repost how the 30 day clarifying should go? Not sure if I’m brave enough to go makeup free for 30 days but I’ll do my best!!! 🙂

      • sure I could do a how to post. if u are used to wearing make up all the time it could take practice, and that’s okay maybe for your 30 days you would wear less? like just a primer and eyeliner going cold turkey is nit for everyone, and I hear that all the time. looks like I will have to add this and more on another star reader encore lol. hope I helped a little have a great day

      • Yeah, I usually wear make up every day. Not as much as some girls! I never used to wear as much but, as I age, I’m developing puffiness under my eyes and feel like I look tired. I tried going lighter today, with minimal eyeliner and mascara, foundation and concealer. I figure it’s a step!

      • right on! that is a step! maybe go bare on your off days around the house? yes, age happens to the best of us, I swear me and dark circles are at constant war, do you have a vitamin c product? or an eye cream you like? do you wear a primer?

  2. Usually on the weekends, unless we’re going out, I don’t wear a lot of make up. I do wear a tinted moisturizer in the AM, when I go to the gym (I don’t want to frighten people with my real face!). If we go out, I wear more makeup than I do for work, usually just more eye shadow and darker mascara. There may be Vitamin C in my night time products but not sure, I don’t have a separate Vitamin C product. I’m currently using an eye cream but not sure it’s doing anything. I’m still experimenting to find one that shows any kind of result. I wear a make up primer sometimes, when I’ll be gone all day/night and want to make sure my makeup stays. That’s mostly for under my eyes though so my concealer doesn’t crease. And I don’t moisturize every day, though I’ve been doing it more due to a current acne medication drying out my face.

    • My volunteer stint didn’t last long but it was providing companionship to hospice patients. I realized very quickly that it wasn’t for me. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! By the way, are you still working on your driver’s license? How’s that going?? I’ve been off the blog for awhile and out of the loop! 🙂

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