My Workout Schedule – Check Meowt!


Some people are curious as to others’ workout schedules (I know I am!) and I’ve been asked about mine. So here it is… My current training schedule.

What does YOUR schedule look like? What’s your favorite/least favorite body part to work?



Sunday: Hamstrings, Calves & Back (all heavy weight)

Monday: Shoulders & Chest (heavy), Bicep & Tricep (medium)

Tuesday: Quadriceps & Calves (heavy)

Wednesday: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Bicep & Tricep (medium)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Calves (medium-heavy)

Saturday: Shoulders (medium-heavy), Bicep & Tricep (heavy)


2 thoughts on “My Workout Schedule – Check Meowt!

  1. how long had this been your schedule,is it similar to competition schedule? and what is your least favorite maybe I over looked, I’ve been carrying babies around for four years so I cringe at the thought of arms…uuugghh

    • Yeah, it’s pretty similar to my competition training. I’ve switched things up a little bit but I like the heavy/medium splits. And so does my body! My least favorite are calves and chest.

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