Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #7



I like the word “quirk”; it’s quirky. A much better term than “weird” to describe the little idiosyncrasies that make me, me.

Here are a few more quirks that make me, me. Share some of yours below, I would love to hear them!

bread1. End Slice. Some people dislike the end piece of bread. Despise it, even. Me? My only complaint is that my sandwich gets screwed on thickness but, other than that, I’m totally fine with the end piece. I feel bad when it gets tossed. It didn’t do anything to anyone. So I eat it. And enjoy it.

water2. Cold Water. I like my water cold. Not warm, not luke-warm. Cold. Unless I’m dying of thirst, I will not drink anything but cold water.

bowl3. Bowls. Just like with my spoons, I prefer certain bowls for certain things. It makes my life easier. In my mind, at least. At work, there is a certain bowl I use to mix up my protein. I hate when others use it and I have to use a bigger bowl. At home, I use certain plastic bowls for everything. Shawn bought new ones that have ridges. I don’t like the ridges. I will shuffle through the bowls until I find the one I want to use. The pictured bowls are the actual style bowl we have. Love them!

Stay tuned for more quirks next week. I have a million of them


2 thoughts on “Quirks Are Us Thursday | Volume #7

  1. with you on the “turtle shell” of bread, I will eat it just as any other slice. ..well, I love bread period. cold water, with you, dishes period have to match…and I need a set. my husband gets mad that I will lose partial sets in storage or trash because there’s not enough of its “kind” curently sifting through our flatware, I need a particular spoon…and fork, I’m funny about the way they hold, or fit into my mouth saving up so I can trash the hodgepodge I have now, it erks me every time I open the drawer.

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