Flash Back – White Cheddar Popcorn



It’s amazing how a song, food, smells, etc. can take you back to a place in time. And it takes you back so much that you can recall almost every detail, feeling and thought at that time. Sometimes it’s a happy memory, sometimes not.

I experienced that feeling this week. It happened while eating a white cheddar cheese rice cake. We picked up a pack while grocery shopping this last weekend and decided to give them a try. I put protein powder on mine (shocker!) and, as soon as I bit into the cake, was transported back to fishing during my younger years. Fishing and white cheddar, you say?

Well… when I was growing up, my dad always took me fishing. It was our bonding time. He would pack all the gear and we would get up at the butt crack of dawn, then head over to the gas station for worms, soda pop, beef jerky (him) and a bag of white cheddar popcorn (me). We would driver to whatever local fishing spot seemed promising that day, get the poles ready and drop in the lines. While waiting, we would snack on the jerky and popcorn. I remember my little fingers with dirt and worm guts (from baiting the hooks) reaching in for more popcorn (gross, I know, but I didn’t care back then). If the fish weren’t biting, we would take our poles and set up somewhere else. I was impatient even back then (surprise, surprise), so after awhile I would reel in my line and just hang out with my dad and talk. I’m sure he hated me scaring the fish away 🙂 but he never stopped me, just told me to whisper.

Before this week, it had been ages since I’ve had white cheddar anything. Passing the popcorn bags in the grocery store has always made me smile but biting into that rice cake knocked me back into my childhood.

For me, these are happy memories and ones that I will always cherish.


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