Taking Stock | June



So here’s a look into my June, another chapter down in the book called 2015. Let me know what you think.

This month has been a whirlwind of craziness. It started off with a bang when I completed my first figure competition, winning 2nd in my division and 3rd in the open. The next few weeks were a flash of homework and adjusting back to “normal” life. Two weeks after the competition, we left for Mexico. Sadly, we came back last Friday (totally not ready!) but I’m glad that we had those few extra days to relax before heading back to the grind. I mean, work.

Making: healthy protein brownies. Yum!

Cooking: blueberry muffins, turkey burgers, low carb pasta, cookies with peanut butter and every other healthy food that we love but haven’t been able to have for a while!

Drinking: an in comprehendible amount of pina colada’s and banana mamma’s in Mexico.

Reading: I finished “Just One Year” and “Something Borrowed” this last week. Loved them both!

Wanting: the amazingly incredible lamb dish we had at the resort. So delicious!

Looking: for a way to retire way early so I can be on vacation every day.

Playing: a tune in my head.

Deciding: that I want to move to another country for a few years, just to experience something different. *sigh*

Wishing: I had a different job.

Enjoying: giving belly rubs to our little girl.

Waiting: for our friends to share the news that they’ve given birth to their daughter. Would love to see her before we leave tomorrow to Mexico!

Liking: my new Instagram account.

Wondering: how people live in Mexico with that humidity!

Loving: that I did so well at my competition, super proud of myself!

Pondering: ways we can pay off our house in 5 years instead of 15.

Considering: taking the certification test for personal training this year. I’m procrastinating.

Buying: tile (hopefully next month) for our kitchen back splash.

Watching: American Horror Story and House Hunters

Hoping: to build my social sites more.

Marveling: over the joy of a normal summer.

Cringing: at people.

Needing: some more tank tops!

Questioning: some things in my personal life.

Smelling: the turkey in the oven.

Wearing: my bathing suit daily in Mexico and loving it!

Following: new people on Instagram.

Noticing: that I’m much happier/positive when the sun is shining.

Knowing: more and more what I want out of life.

Thinking: that unicorns should be real.

Admiring: an old friend who is always positive and has a fierce drive to success.

Sorting: and getting rid of the clutter when possible.

Getting: really nervous to start my volunteer work in a few weeks

Bookmarking: things to do in Idaho for this weekend.

Coveting: some of the way too expensive clothing I see in magazines.

Disliking: inconsiderate people who talk during movies, shows and performances.

Opening: my eyes.

Giggling: over Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – that man is a true comedic genius!

Feeling: excited about this weekend.

Snacking: on protein powder and rice cakes, super yummy snack during the day.

Wishing: I could take another vacation soon!

Helping: others with diets and exercise. Love it!

Hearing: my little girl howl makes me laugh.

Pip from Meet me at Mikes started a taking stock list last year. Since then a number of bloggers have chosen to participate each month, including me. Want to join in + play along too? Head over to Pip’s blog, drop your link in her collection + check out other Taking Stock posts.


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