One + Four = Life | June 29


I’m a day late again but what can I say? I was busy relaxing yesterday! 🙂 Mexico was a blast, got back Friday night. Saturday we went to lunch and saw The Illusionists, which was a great show and a lot of fun. Fantastic meal! Sunday was our yard / house work day, followed by relaxation and watching tv.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…

mexicoOur first night in Mexico. We said “screw it” and kicked off our vacation with some much needed drinks. While playing foosball. It was a fun night 🙂

lambs grillHad lunch at this little joint called Lamb’s Grill, in Salt Lake City. They have THE best bacon wrapped dates on this planet. This time we had the dates (duh!), blueberry pancakes and the triple cheese grilled cheese. All of it was yummy!

showAfter Lamb’s Grill, we saw The Illusionists. The group has a handful of magicians all with different styles and acts. Had a lot of fun!

drinksOne of our friends came over and we made pina colada’s and strawberry daiquiri’s that same night. The drinks turned out okay, it was fun making them. We got tipsy and watched The Three Amigos. Super fun!


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