A “Text” Walking Lane – Seriously?!


text 2

While on the treadmill this morning, sans IPhone, I saw a news story about a “text” walk lane. My initial reaction was it must be some kind of joke or spoof on people who text and walk. Touché! It’s a real thing!


Now, I’ve certainly sent a text while in motion but very rarely. I do not make a habit of walking while texting. Other people do and apparently now need their own lane so they can stop bumping into us folk who actually look up while walking. So what happens if you get stuck behind a slow walker and run into them because you’re face is buried in your own phone?

text 3

That’s not my only question. Is the world so self-absorbed and think they are really that important that they need to be on their phones 24/7? While walking? Because what you’re texting your friend is so important it must be done at that exact moment in time instead of calling so you can look forward and walk? Let me be the one to break it to you. You, nor what’s transpiring over that round of texts, is not THAT important. If it is, PICK UP THE PHONE AND HAVE A CONVERSATION.

Be courteous to those around you, for once, and pay attention to where you’re walking and quit thinking you’re super uber important enough to have your head buried in your phone, running into people, and that you require your own “lane” to do so. Get over yourselves.

text 1

Okay, enough of my rant on this ridiculous and completely absurd implementation. For shame, Utah, for shame!

What are your thoughts??


3 thoughts on “A “Text” Walking Lane – Seriously?!

  1. My problem is that I generously complain about other people being stuck to their phones . . “These kids nowadays!” but when I really take stock of my own phone usage, it’s not much better . . . . I’m guilty.

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