My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 10: Final Countdown


June 2 – Four more days!! Final countdown! To be perfectly frank, life has been a bitch since my last entry. And so have I. 😀 Good thing I gave my coworkers a heads up because I know I’ve been one ornery bug, especially the first few hours of work or when I start getting hungry.


This last week has been a mental and physical struggle and one that hit me pretty hard. The 2x day training sessions, increased cardio and stress of everything has worn me down a ton. Some days, it’s all I have to stay/be positive, get through my workouts and make it through the day without snapping. I’m still stressed over posing and worried that I’m not going to come in lean and hard enough to place on Saturday. That being said, I’ve realized that throughout this year long process of building muscle and contest prep, there is nothing I could have done more. I’ve busted my ass on training, diet and doing everything possible to prepare my body. There will be improvements in the future but, right now, this is the best I can offer. And I’m proud of that.


Started my tan prep on Sunday, which consists of exfoliating with lemon juice and sugar each day. Shawn reminds me not to eat the sugar 🙂 I can’t wear lotion this week, which makes me feel and look like a super dry raisin.

I’m excited and nervous for tonight. It’s my last posing session with my coach. This will come after my second leg workout of the day, so that will be super fun… LOL I also get to try on my figure suit. At my last posing session, my coach showed me another suit she had just finished making and it was beautiful. And not the one I have reserved. So tonight I’ll get to try on both suits and decide which one I want. The original is a lighter pink, with some bling. The new one is an emerald green with bling and gorgeous. I’m leaning towards the green but will decide when I can see them on. Can’t wait!

And I can’t wait for the journey to be over! 😀

hungry 2


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