One + Four = Life | May 24


This week was not the greatest, still being sick, stressed and working way too hard. It was a pretty uneventful week, just full of workouts and more workouts and feeling less than stellar. This weekend has been good though. We went to a movie for our “date”, spent time enjoying some normal foods again (carb loading) and I’m ready for the holiday tomorrow and am thankful I don’t have to work. Yay for 3 day weekends!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….


Post workout meal for this morning. Yesterday and today we’ve been experimenting with carb loading for the comp. It’s actually been nice, mentally and physically, to do this. These are protein pancakes, made with Funfetti Cake Batter protein powder. Oh my god, these were the best things! Super yummy!!!!!


The cute invite to our friend’s baby shower this afternoon. They’re having a girl. The little dragon is an inside joke with this couple. So last weekend, I got to pick out some cute little baby clothes. The party was as fun as baby showers can be (not my favorite thing) but it’s nice to share in someone’s happy moment.

american horror

We started Season 4 of American Horror Story, Freak Show. We loved this show from the first season, even though season 3 wasn’t that great. This one is definitely weird, true to the American Horror Story way, and it’s definitely freaky. Pretty good so far, though the second season has ben my favorite so far.


We did some spring cleaning with our clothes and provided a pretty big box to the MS Foundation. The box was so big and awkward, I had to push it to the front door and out onto the porch. It’s awesome because MS emails me when they’re in the area, I schedule the appointment online and they pick up the box. Easy breazy! I love donating to this cause, they do a fabulous job. It’s a nice feeling to purge the closets AND know you’re helping those less fortunate. Feeling good!


6 thoughts on “One + Four = Life | May 24

  1. I looooove pancakes. in out house for breakfast, we eat a lot of eggs, pancakes and oatmeal. not on the same day, in rotation with fruit and/or meat side.yesterday was eggs hash browns and bacon…today…not sure yet I game the kids bananas to hold them over…I may make oatmeal and bacon this morning…thanks for helping me sort that out :]

    • I love me some protein pancakes! Much healthier than regular pancakes and, honestly, I actually like them better. Pair them with Walden Farm’s syrup and we’re good to roll. In our normal routines, we have them about once a week or so. Love eggs and turkey bacon too! Hash browns are my all-time favorite breakfast food though. Oh my god, my mouth just waters thinking about them…. I could eat a jumbo plate of them every day and be happy as a clam!

      • Oh god, I know!! Honestly, unless I’m treating myself at a restaurant where they’re portioned out, I don’t even have them because I’ll eat the entire thing. There’s no “little bit” when it comes to hash browns. It’s all or nothing! 🙂

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