Pajama Pants = Every Day Attire


pajama pants 3

No, I’m not going to pull an Eva Mendez and tell you that pajama pants or sweat pants will ruin your marriage and make your spouse so horribly un-attracted to you that they gouge their eyes out and run for the hills, screaming. But I will tell you that these once reserved-for-nighttime-only-pants have become every day attire for some folk. And why? Where did this trend come from?

pajama pants 2

I’m all for being comfy, I love, love, LOVE my pajamas. But I don’t LIVE in my pajamas. Especially not in public. The only exception to this? If I hit Warren’s drive thru in the evening (yes, I do have guilty pleasures….). However, I’m not getting out of my car, my pajama pants actually look like gym pants, my pajama pants are clean and this is not a daily ritual.

pajama pants 1

To me, the equivalent of going out daily in your pajamas signals that you have completely given up on yourself and life in general. If you can’t be bothered to throw on some jeans, a t-shirt and shoes, not a ratty hasn’t-been-washed-in-5-years-that-was-once-white-but-now-looks-grey shirt and fuzzy bunny slippers, then you have officially given up on life. You are no longer just “being comfy” and “doing your thing”, you’re showing everyone that you don’t have pride in your appearance or yourself. Or maybe you’re just trying to save money on shampoo, soap and clothing?

Regardless, can this trend please end now?


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