Is there too much pressure to be a Super Woman?


super woman

Absolutely! The real question is…. do we put this pressure on ourselves? Yes and no.

Now, I’m not talking “Super Woman” in the sense that we need to look perfect while working, taking care of the family and blah blah blah. That is just unrealistic in itself and something that I’m (slowly) coming to grips with and stressing out over less and less. But I digress.

I’m talking about the pressure to BE something great or DO something great. I love reading magazines, just ask my husband 🙂 but sometimes I wonder if they contribute to the pressure to be more. Just this week, I was reading Glamour magazine and there were several articles like how to dress for the job you want and advise from successful women who started their own companies. Articles like these are just great and I enjoy reading them; however, it does leave me with the feeling that I could be, should be, doing something more with my life.

Have One! Or Many!And I’m finding that more and more after reading such articles, especially ones spotlighting women under the age of 20, who are making a difference in their schools and the world.

Just to be clear, this isn’t meant to undermine anyone’s success or achievements. It does, however, make you reflect on your own life and accomplishments, or lack thereof. I do both.

super heroIt’s taken me years to admit but I’m hard on myself for not finishing school in my early twenties when people are “supposed” to. I may not have accomplished great things, like the individuals I read about in magazines, I have accomplished a lot and gotten myself through a lot over the years. And I always strive to be better, for myself and my family. For those reasons and many more, I feel like a pretty super woman some days 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is there too much pressure to be a Super Woman?

  1. I love reading articles in magazines about successfull women too. it’s very inspirational…and I love even more a fellow person that didn’t finish school as society shows us we are “supposed” to. it took a lot to drop out of college and sometimes I still beat myself up. but the truth of it all, the truth that can not be denied is that our paths are our own and nobody elses. your story is your story and it happened the way it did for you and if it happened to someone else the exact Same way well…then thered be two of you and…I don’t know about you but Id sure like being the only Encore!! 😀 woop woop go us!

    • So true! This is what I tell myself when I start to feel like what I’ve done, or doing, isn’t measuring up. It’s like, who does it need to measure up to? It’s my life! 🙂

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