Being Happy vs. Being Content



While reading an article on happiness recently, I ran across something that struck a cord with me. The article was about how people are always striving to be happy. All the time. And if they’re not happy all the time, they feel as if something is wrong with their life and search for ways to fix it. I can attest to this, I’m guilty of it myself. I definitely have those days where it’s not a good or bad day, it’s just a day where nothing eventful has happened and my emotional keel is level. And I begin to wonder what I could have done to make it a better, “happier” day.

contentWhat I’ve really focused on after reading this article was the simple equation: 15/15/70, not necessarily in that order. To sum it up, a person should expect to have the super, knock your socks off type of happiness about 15% of the time, expect to be unhappy, down in the dumps about 15% of the time and strive to be content or satisfied with life about 70% of the time.

My mind was blown! I’m guilty of striving for that super happy feeling 90% of the time and only allowing for unhappy and content feelings 10% of the time. Perhaps it’s because everyone else seems to live life that way? Or because I’m a perfectionist and read too many articles on how you’re supposed to be happy? 🙂

life 2Either way, the 15/15/70 ratio really got me thinking about how I view life. The ratio has been steadily on my mind. I don’t think this is the perfect answer but it makes perfect sense. It’s unrealistic to have a 90% super happy day, every day.

Last night while rushing to get dinner ready, I was thinking about different home projects I want to complete, how busy the next few weeks are going to be, yada yada…. And I just mentally took it all in. My home, my husband and life as it is right now, as a whole. I realized that these were what comprised my daily life. These were what I came home to every night. While my socks aren’t being knocked off every day, life is good. And I realized that, for the most part, I’m content.

life 1My new goal is to strive for contention and focus on the good!



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