One + Four = Life | May 10


Once again, I’m a day late in posting. Yesterday was a little busy with the gym and taking my mother-in-law shopping. By the time we got home, I was pretty worn out. Plus, I had to dig into the delicious turkey (below) and relax for the remaining hours of the day. It was a great weekend and, other than a slow work week, a great week.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life…


My new “scented” plug in light. My mother bought this for me on our last shopping trip. I also have a red one in my living room. Absolutely love them! Just add a scented bar, turn on the light and my house smells absolutely wonderful! This works so much better than the big warmer I have in my kitchen. Love it!


Volunteer world, here I come! Met briefly with the program director and have started working on the training material. I won’t start volunteering until July but am super excited (and really nervous!). Hopefully it’s a good fit and I can help make a difference. It’s so unlike anything I’ve ever done before and I’m truly looking forward to the experience, good or bad.


This is a 2 part picture, mainly because I have no idea how to merge pictures together and forgot to take a picture right after I took it out of the oven. So…. this is a delicious turkey and veggie that we made yesterday. YUMMY!



Also from the recent shopping trip with my mother (she spoiled me for my late birthday gifts!). Cute kitchen décor that I picked out and have yet to put above my cabinets. I love the colors and style of both pieces!

If you’re interested in playing along, head over to Pip’s blog and drop your link in her collection + check out other One + Four = Life posts. Drop your link below as well, I would love to check them out!


2 thoughts on “One + Four = Life | May 10

  1. I’m sure it was delicious but at first glance I though the picture of the turkey was of a really angry pig’s head! Probably means my contacts have been in too long

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