My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 6: Getting Harder


May 9 – Today is the 4 week mark to the competition. The weeks will go by both fast and slow. Today also marks the first full week of my revised, 2x per day training sessions full of increased volume and cardio. It’s a hellish fun ride that has already been trying my sanity.


It’s sounds easy when you think it through and looks easy on paper. Touché!

I started this “Journey to the Stage” so I could have a catalog of the steps taken to reach my goal. I could fill it with fluff and make it seem like the easiest. But that wouldn’t be honest. The reality is, while it’s fun and I enjoy the intensity, it has been getting harder. Both physically and mentally. And there’s 4 more weeks to go.

Some things I’m starting to struggle with right now:

1) With the increased training, comes increased hunger. Part of that is having to cut down on my veggies the last few weeks (sad…) because I’ve been feeling extremely bloated lately. For now, I’ve been eating more rice for my carbs, which I like, but it doesn’t sustain my hunger quite as long as eating a ton of veggies. The other part is that I’m burning extra calories while eating the same amount of food as before. Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate on other things because all I can think about is my next meal. I’m still lucky though because my meal plan seems more flexible than most competitor’s diets. After all, I’m still having protein cookies or shakes every night 🙂

2) Maintaining my sanity is another challenge. I’m not very patient by nature and even less so right now. Having a hurried schedule makes for very impatient moments. With everyone. It’s an effort some days to not snap. Serenity now! 😀

3) I can already tell that these 2x day training sessions are going to be brutal and wear me down, both mentally and physically. That’s never pretty and I’m not looking forward to it.

4) Paranoia has been creeping up the last few weeks, even more so now. This being my first comp, I don’t know how hard I need to push myself, and when, to get my body where it needs to be. There will be mistakes and learning lessons but I’m getting paranoid that my body won’t be where it should come comp day.

I’m thankful that the hubs is doing this competition with me AND that he’s already been through this before, so he gets the mood swings and the fear/worries that come along with it all. Just need to keep the positivity, motivation and hard work flowing!


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