Taking Stock | April


Another bustling month and, hopefully, a better list below!

So here’s a look into my April, another chapter down in the book called 2015. Let me know what you think.

Making: Sparkling wine glasses, my DIY project.

Cooking: and creating variations of the low-carb turkey burger from last month. Super good!!!

Drinking: Protein cocoa 🙂

Reading: How the World Sees YOU by Sally Hogshead. I’ve been reading this on and off. Just finished “The Dumpster” by Becky Due and LOVED it! https://beckydue.wordpress.com/ 😀

Wanting: $1000 to just shop for new clothes and shoes! I’m getting the spring wardrobe itch!

Looking: for opportunities to work or volunteer that falls in line with my career goals and passions

Playing: the game of life

Deciding: that I’m ready for change

Wishing: I could move overseas for just a few years.

Enjoying: getting involved in these wonderful, new post ideas!

Waiting: impatiently to buy some new skin care items

Liking: the new hot cereal we’ve been getting. Ah…

Wondering: how to make it all work

Loving: the inspiration I’m getting from my fellow bloggers!

Pondering: whether I really want to tackle painting some walls this summer

Considering: whether I want to only cut off 1-2 inches of hair or *gasp* a full 3 inches! I’ve been growing it out for quite some time so even considering taking off 2-3 inches is crazy for me. I still have another week to decide!

Buying: some new shirts and makeup

Watching: Caribbean Life on HGTV – I love house hunting shows!

Hoping: that my plans will one day work out for the good

Marveling: at how different, yet similar, people are.

Cringing: when I think of moments from my past

Needing: some excitement!

Questioning: how some people leave the house dressed like that. Do they not own a mirror? Or have an honest partner or friend? We need to have people’s backs!

Smelling: the spring air and the fresh hope of new things to come

Wearing: my new foundation Sleek Be Beautiful – really liking it so far!

Following: so many amazing bloggers and I love it!

Noticing: the small things in life, like watching the neighbor kids ride bikes outside and observing other people’s routines and actions

Knowing: that I shouldn’t buy more products and clothes but can’t stop myself

Thinking: that there’s definitely an under current of desires in my thoughts lately

Admiring: those who are extremely comfortable and confident in their skin

Sorting: through thoughts of what will really make me happy

Getting: help from my favorite coworker to recover a lost Word document. So grateful!!

Bookmarking: ideas for new blogs

Coveting: some new experiences

Disliking: the warm, then cold weather. Just stay warm already!

Opening: myself up to even more new experiences and ideas

Giggling: over another blogger giving me a “shout out” on their blog. Super awesome feeling!

Feeling: a little hopeless on something that’s been troubling me lately.

Snacking: on my thoughts

Wishing: (just noticed wishing is on the list twice, mistake? hmm..) wishing for changes!

Helping: friends move. Ugh…

Hearing: the soft patter of rain outside my window

Pip from Meet me at Mikes started a taking stock list last year. Since then a number of bloggers have chosen to participate each month, including me. Want to join in + play along too? Head over to Pip’s blog, drop your link in her collection + check out other Taking Stock posts.


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock | April

    • That’s what I love about these “Taking Stock” posts, everyone’s lives are so different. Mine seems a little hum drum compared to yours though ;). Don’t worry, I’m not cutting too much off! I’ve learned my lesson on short hair! 🙂 What’s funny is that women talk about short hair being less maintenance but, for me, it was more maintenance. I can just rock a pony tail (which I do most days!) or style it when I want. When it was short, I had to wash and style it EVEYR day which gets annoying.

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