My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 5: Cut/Increase #1


maintainApril 20 – Competition diets are a tricky beast. Especially when you’ve never competed before (like me) and aren’t sure how your body will react to changes. We cut my calories and carbs over a month ago and realized that was too soon. For the last few weeks, I’ve increased my calories a little and have been maintaining well (whew!).

Did my body fat, weight and measurements again this weekend. Today is the “official” cut/increase part of my diet. The nitty-gritty starts now and, like a locomotive, there’s no stopping for the next 7 weeks. Now, I’ve been pretty lucky so far so I really can’t complain. Yet. When my husband did his last competition, 2.5 years ago, I did the diet portion with him (I just had surgery and couldn’t do the training). It was 3 months of dieting hell, with the last month being miserable and the remaining weeks being pure, torturous hell beyond my wildest imagination. This time has been different. We’ve been smarter this time. Up until a few weeks ago, we still went out for healthy meals and have maintained a healthy but flexible meal plan. Much more sustainable, mentally and physically. But hell is still coming, this I know. There will still be discomfort, cravings, crankiness, exhaustion and hunger. There’s no escaping that. I just won’t have to go through it as long this time 🙂

hungry 2

So any way… today is the start of my “no variation / stick to the plan” meal plan. There is no flexibility, no “just a little extra scoop”. I’ve slightly increased the volume in my workouts as well. My goal is to maintain the same weight but adding in a few extra sets.

super heroI’ve noticed a little more hunger today but not too terrible. I’m taking more BCAA’s and HMB to help off set the changes. This morning’s workout was fabulous. Pushed myself and felt great! I’m just under 7 weeks now and, not going to lie, some days it’s hard to stay motivated, positive and focused. Some days will be better than others and I’m prepared for that. I can only do my best!


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