One + Four = Life | April 19


The work week was extremely slow moving but full of great workouts and friends. We just got done with a fabulously delicious late lunch (another variation of our favorite mushroom burgers) and are ready to kick back and relax for the rest of the day. Below is another installment of some things from my week.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life….

be beautiful

 This is the new foundation I’ve been using the last week – Be Beautiful Blemish Balm by Sleek. I’m really liking it so far! This was recommended by Wayne Goss (my you tube obsession) and I found it on I’m always skeptical of new foundations, especially when I have to guess at which shade to get. But, so far, I’m impressed and enjoying it. Score!

face mask

This little pirate is my new face mask that I’ve also been trying out. I’ve never used a face mask before and was surprised at how quickly my skin tightens after putting it on. My husband loves laughing at me when I come out of the bathroom with a gray/blue face! It’s too early to tell if there will be a noticeable difference with my skin but it’s been fun to try. If anyone has any good recommendations for another great face mask let me know, I’m always up for trying something new! I’ll actually be using this again just shortly…  🙂


Ta da! My Philosophy book from this semester. This class was harder for me, probably because it’s online and I have to try and teach myself some concepts that I don’t fully understand. Think of the blind leading the blind scenario…. I finished my term paper this week and took the final test. I’m all done and not sure when final grades will post but I’m confident I passed the class. Yay!


More time with friends. Friday night we went to the local Bee’s baseball game. Windy and a little chilly but good times. Saturday spent a few hours with my girlfriends laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity. Who writes for that game? And are they hiring? Today we had brunch and great conversation with a good friend of mine and her husband. A weekend full of laid back activities, friends and, now, relaxation with my little family.

If you’re interested in playing along, head over to Pip’s blog and drop your link in her collection + check out other One + Four = Life posts. Drop your link below as well, I would love to check them out!


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