5 Things I’ve Learned from Watching House Hunters


I love House Hunters, House Hunters International and every other show like them. Absolutely love them! LOVE them! I love to see houses in the various states and overseas, the price tags, the search for the right place and people’s little nuances. I’ve been an avid watching for many years now and these are still among my favorite shows ever.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned from watching House Hunters:

  1. yogaEveryone makes more money than we do. Especially yoga instructors. It blows my mind *boom* to see people moving to Costa Rica or Paris, wanting a place big enough for their yoga studio (which looks to hold about 3 people) on a million dollar budget. Either people overseas are making major bucks and we really need to consider moving or these people are robbing banks before heading out of the country. Seriously, how do you have a million dollar budget by teaching yoga or any other routine day job? If there are routine day jobs that pay this much, where are they located and are they hiring???

2. ballsMost men’s balls are stuffed so far down their wife’s purse, one would have to root around for 13 years to actually find them. Even after you dust those puppies off, they would be shriveled and unusable so you might as well chuck them back in and only pull out at holiday parties as part of a joke. Grow a pair men! Yes, being paired up is all about compromise but, seriously, I’ve never seen so many couples move overseas for the husband’s job, leaving the wife to quit her career or continue being a stay at home mom, and end up in a place that provides a 30-60 minute commute for the guy (even though he wanted a place near work) just because the wife liked the house and threw a fit. According to the guy, “Well, since you’re going to be spending all your time here, it needs to be some place you really enjoy.” So much for more time together to explore a new country! “Bye honey, have fun spending 2 hours in traffic and all day at work. See you tonight while we’re getting ready for bed. Oh, by the way, I had a lovely day at home without you. Wish you could enjoy our new place, too. You know, if you weren’t commuting and working.” Yeah…

3. kitchenEvery country is different. For instance, in some countries, the kitchen items do not come with the house. I’m talking stuff like the fridge, stove, and sometimes even the kitchen island! People have to bring their own kitchens. WTH? What kind of logic is this? Does this mean that you need to purchase a house to fit your old kitchen stuff? Or is everything just standard, like a one size fits all, so it doesn’t matter? Either way, it’s mind boggling to me.

4. perceptionsPeople’s perceptions vary greatly. Some think this master bedroom is too small, a kitchen not updated enough and *gasp!* has carpet! Other people think a shoe box size room is perfect for their needs, want something with a compartmentalized set up (no open concept living), and either want a no maintenance yard or 3 acres of farm land.

5. house poorBudget doesn’t matter to realtors. Almost every episode starts with the person(s) giving their list of must-have’s, wants and their ideal to non-negotiable budget. And every single time, the realtor shows them a place that’s anywhere from $100-$800 over (if renting) or $50,000-$400,000 over (if buying). Now, the ones that are hundreds of thousands over are usually for those with a $1+ million budget but, still! What, you may ask, happens next? Buyers say “Wow, that’s way over our budget”, to which the realtor comes back with any combination of the following: “Oh but wait until you see the view”, “It’s gorgeous on the inside, though, you just have to see it”, “But it has everything on your wish list” and “Well, let’s just check it out any way and then you can decide”. Yeah, I’ve already decided. My budget is “X”. This home is not. But Oh… So glad it’s a beautiful home because I can stare at the beauty while I’m house poor and can’t do anything but have conversations like “oh hey family and friends, don’t I have a beautiful home, with a great view and with all the things I wanted. Better go make our top ramen and canned ravioli for dinner now. You just sit and enjoy the beauty while I start the microwave.” I would punch my realtor.

Stay tuned, there’s always more to learn….


2 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned from Watching House Hunters

  1. OMG, this is hysterical. I watch these things as well, sitting on the couch and snarfing a bucket of ice cream (which is about the only thing in my budget I can afford), thinking what is WRONG with these people? In the first two minutes of the show, they spell out everything they want, but the place they end up buying has none of those things. It’s fair to say that these over-compensated people just need to send their money to me so I can make wise dwelling decisions and have a better life. They clearly don’t have any real goals and they should just stay in Vermont or wherever it is that rich people can find the best tax shelters… 😉

    • Ha! Agreed! Every single episode, my husband and I just look at each other and say “How do these people have this budget?”. I truly love the show and seeing the homes but it’s nice to make snarky comments about the people and their ridiculousness. Of course, it does lead me to wonder how we would have come off while during our home search. 🙂

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