Happy 1 Year Anniversary to My Routine Crazy Life!


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog, My Routine Crazy Life, and I’m SOOOOO excited! The title of my blog sums up the whole enchilada. My life is both routinely crazy or crazily routine. That’s just how I roll. When I first started my blog, I wanted to focus on fitness and health but ultimately decided to focus on life. More specifically, my life, thoughts and experiences. But it almost didn’t happen…

balloonAfter publishing my first couple of posts, and not getting any likes or comments, I felt really deflated. I had a pity party and then thought, “Who cares? I want to blog so I’m going to blog.” And here I am….

knowingI got ideas from Facebook and my own experiences and started typing away. Eventually, I discovered the “Reader” feature on Word Press and started clicking on different blogs that seemed interesting. I’ve discovered so many talented people and wonderful blogs that I truly look forward to reading each day and am getting to know more people. These bloggers and blogs are a source of inspiration, a portal into other worlds, thoughts and ideas that have opened up different doors in my own world. Just today I got a shout out from a fellow blogger and it felt amazing, a true honor in my book!

Always a wayThe lessons learned? You can draw inspiration from anything and everything, other people’s worlds are interesting and fun, and I truly love sharing my world with you all! Admittedly, I don’t share my whole world, thoughts and feelings with you all. You might think I’m a little too crazy and we wouldn’t want that 🙂 Another lesson is DON’T GIVE UP! I wouldn’t have discovered the fun and wonder of the blogging world if I hadn’t stopped the pity party and got back to writing.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has read, commented and liked my posts and for allowing me to become a part of your worlds, the same way you’ve become a part of mine. I truly appreciate you all and this experience so far!


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