My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 4: Sh**’s Gettin’ Real


April 9 – This Saturday will be 8 weeks’ out from the competition. This has been a rough week, one where I’ve felt really tired and worn out. Not fun. I haven’t been practicing my posing much this week *yikes*! Before this week, I had been doing about 15-20 minutes most days and have been improving.

posing heels

Not my actual posing heels but pretty similar 🙂

The next 8 weeks will be rough, exhausting, nerve wracking and fun all at the same time. This week, I’ve been adding back in some more carbs and calories and loving it! Can’t wait until I can reverse diet back to where I was months ago. I love my food! Got to enjoy the small pleasures now because diet cuts and increased workouts are coming. Most likely accompanied by exhaustion and crankiness…. crying As of yesterday, I’ve confirmed my next posing session (April 22nd), reserved my figure suit, have my show application ready to mail on Saturday and my hair/makeup appointment booked for competition morning. Shit’s gettin’ real! It’s still one of those things that’s coming “one day, down the road” but it’s getting more real the closer I get. I’m still super nervous, excited and determined. I have to be. In 8 weeks, it’s me and the stage.



4 thoughts on “My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 4: Sh**’s Gettin’ Real

  1. I am ecited fo you and scared sh*less? lol I can feel the pressure in your writing and it’s not even me that’s going up there. what is your pre-show jitter tactic? do you get pre show jitters?

    • This is my first show, so everything is giving me jitters! LOL My biggest worry is the fear of being on stage in front of people, hitting all of my poses correctly and not falling on my face or twisting my ankle in the heels! Second to those is my fear of not coming in lean enough or big enough. My husband has competed before and will be competing in the same show as me, so he’s helping to keep me grounded and calm. Fears aside, all I can do is work hard, bring my best package to the stage and be proud of my hard work.

      • I’m sure you will do great! I will cross my fingers for you. I think it’s awesome you and your husband not only have your love of fitness in common but now the competing. best friend romances are the best kind!

      • Thank you! It definitely helps that we’re both passionate about being healthy and fitness. There’s something about never having to explain “why” whenever you eat a certain food, work towards a certain goal or go to the gym all the time. We’re right there with each other!

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