The Evolution of the Birthday (for me)


birthday 1Growing up, I welcomed birthdays with enthusiastically open arms. I would go to bed the night before, anticipating the next day like it was Christmas. I could hardly sleep!

presentsBirthdays meant presents. And a party at Chucky Cheese or my house with my 10 bestest friends in the whole world.

And, one of my favorite parts….

the CAKE! birthday 2 I always chose yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And ice cream. (That’s not actually me in the picture, though I make the same expression when I see cake).

Now, birthdays are completely different. I don’t welcome them with the same enthusiastically open arms. I don’t get pretty, wrapped presents. And, most of the time, I don’t even have cake.

I’m just thankful that I get to celebrate another one each year, even though I’m not happy that the number of candles keeps climbing. Shawn still gets me some presents, usually something I need but hate buying for myself, days or weeks in advance. It’s not wrapped for later. I get it right then. There is no party. Typically, Shawn takes me out for a nice dinner and we do some activities. This year, he’s taking me to dinner at the Blue Lemon, followed by the Utah Symphony (tonight, with some friends – can’t wait!) and Shrek the Musical (tomorrow afternoon).

For me, birthdays have evolved from “me, me, me”, presents and short lived excitement to sharing experiences and time with loved ones and making memories. Those are the things that I truly get excited about for my birthday.


With that, I Wish A Big HAPPY 30-SOMETHING BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! It’s going to be a great day!!


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