Lovin’ My New Gym Kicks!


Every year between December and March, marks the migration period to new gym shoes. This is a love/hate relationship, one that I look forward to and dread at the same time. I’m not a fan of shoe shopping (shocking for a girl, I know!) and I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on shoes. Sounds like a lose/lose situation right? But I love it! I love the feeling of a fresh start with new workout shoes. The extra cushiony feel of the shoe, before it starts to wear down over the next year. My feet love it, too! And I love investing in good, quality shoes that help me succeed at my #1 passion: fitness!

Here are my new gym kicks – the Mizuno Wave Rider. My new love. This is the updated version of the shoe I purchased last winter. Love the shoe and LOVE the color! *sigh* I’ve been breaking them in all week and loving it! And did I mention that I love them? 🙂

Mizuno Wave Rider


4 thoughts on “Lovin’ My New Gym Kicks!

  1. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you get new gym shoes every year, so much so that I’m adopting this as another reason for me to shop ;), though I have to agree with you I’m not a big shoe shopper myself. congrats on the shoes and happy traveling :]

  2. Thank you! Glad I could help guide a new habit in your world also 😉 Just like pants shopping, shoe shopping is right up there on my list of “don’t want to do but have to” list!

  3. I learned how important a good pair of running shoes is a long time ago, when I was running 5-10 miles a day, and running a marathon every year! I would get a new pair of running shoes about every year The really good ones were always $100.00 or more, but well worth it! Then I would use the old running shoes for everyday wear. Because my running shoes were for running only.

    • So true! After my knee surgeries a few years ago, I HAVE to have a good pair of workout shoes. I do the same thing with my old ones! I reserve those for hiking, taking walks around the neighborhood or getting dirty and just keep rotating. It’s nice to be able to stretch out the use on those puppies, especially when they cost so much! That’s awesome you’re able to do a marathon every year and run so much!

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