My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 3: Tiny Suits


Feb 26 – Well, the competition got moved from June 20th to June 6th. AHH! Actually, the whole thing seems surreal. I know the competition is just months away but I’m still in that “hasn’t suck in” stage. Last weekend, I tried on some more figure suits and took some pictures for comparisons. Man, there are some beautiful suits out there! With the help of pictures and Shawn’s opinions, I’ve narrowed down the options to the handful of suits I’m considering for the comp. It’s amazing how tiny those things are! Here’s an example suit, I’m not the one modeling it 🙂

imagesCQZU7UJ6 I’m not super lean right now but am in better than average shape. Trying these things on will still show every ounce of pudge on the body. Even more nerve racking is the fact that I’ll be wearing one of these. On a stage, in front of people. In heels. Yikes!

Though I’m scared sh**tless, trying on the suits and doing the posing classes keeps it all fresh in my mind, the motivation high and excitement forefront. I have another posing session next Tuesday and can’t wait!

Stay tuned…


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