My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 2


Feb 18 – It’s about a month since my last entry and I’m still busting a**. Hired a new posing coach, Krissy, and had my first session with her on Valentine’s Day (romantic right…). Holy crap, it was awesome! I got to try on different suits that I’ll potentially where for the comp (I’m not ready to commit $200+ on buying a competition suit just yet) before we moved onto posing. We worked on walking (while very important for every day life, it is extremely important while wearing heels… on a stage… half naked… yeah…), turning and posing. It was 2 hours of fun, hard work and me trying not to topple over. Heels are no joke! On Saturday, I have an appointment to try on more suits at another rental place. So excited! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ll be on stage in less than 4 months but trying on the suits helps keep it fresh in my mind and keeps me super excited. Did I mention that I’m still nervous as hell? Pretty sure the day of, I’ll want to throw up. I wonder if there’s any way to sneak a flask into my suit?

Speaking of beverages… my diet has been tweaked for the last few weeks and I’m still working hard to put on size. A few more weeks will signal the 3 month mark and go time. I’m nervous for the upcoming training and meals. I know it will get progressively harder and exhausting.

Some days, my motivation and drive for the gym is no where to be found. Those days are when I have to dig deep and remind myself of why I’m there. Simply… I want to be there. For myself and my goals.


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