Do You Even Lift, Bro? – Gym Fail #562


So I’m at the gym this morning, trying not to keel over on the treadmill while my shins burst open, when I glance over at the cable machines up front. Joe Blow is on the lat pulldown cable aka the “pull the lat bar towards my body in a motion similar to trying to start a lawn mower with both hands, while standing behind the seat” cable. Seriously, wtf? Anyone who is familiar with the lat pulldown cable knows what I’m talking about. Picture that bench and cable combo, then picture a guy standing behind the seat while trying to perform the same “pull towards your chest” motion that is typically reserved for the lat pulldown exercise. Doing it horribly wrong but with the same gusto anyone doing it correctly would employ. Wish I had a video of this monstrosity. I’m sure his lats will feel that tomorrow…

gym pic 1

That is just one of many examples I’ve seen over the years of people performing an exercise incorrectly. It’s a wonder they haven’t injured themselves. Or others. And they better hope they never injure me during their hijinks. Melissa smash!

A big part of me wants to go talk to them, tell them that they’re acting like someone in one of those awkward gym videos and help correct their form. But then what would I laugh at? Ha! Seriously though. What?gym pic 2

For all the laughs these types of people bring into my workout, I’m just thankful that I haven’t been hit by a stray cable handle. Yet. Bless their little souls for making the effort to be healthier! It’s more than a lot of people do.


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