My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 3: Tiny Suits


Feb 26 – Well, the competition got moved from June 20th to June 6th. AHH! Actually, the whole thing seems surreal. I know the competition is just months away but I’m still in that “hasn’t suck in” stage. Last weekend, I tried on some more figure suits and took some pictures for comparisons. Man, there are some beautiful suits out there! With the help of pictures and Shawn’s opinions, I’ve narrowed down the options to the handful of suits I’m considering for the comp. It’s amazing how tiny those things are! Here’s an example suit, I’m not the one modeling it ūüôā

imagesCQZU7UJ6 I’m not super lean right now but am in better than average shape. Trying these things on will still show every ounce of pudge on the body. Even more nerve racking is the fact that I’ll be wearing one of these. On a stage, in front of people. In heels. Yikes!

Though I’m scared sh**tless, trying on the suits and doing the posing classes keeps it all fresh in my mind, the motivation high and excitement forefront. I have another posing session next Tuesday and can’t wait!

Stay tuned…


My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 2


Feb 18 – It’s about a month since my last entry and I’m still busting a**. Hired a new posing coach, Krissy, and had my first session with her on Valentine’s Day (romantic right…). Holy crap, it was awesome! I got to try on¬†different suits that I’ll potentially where for the comp¬†(I’m not ready to commit $200+ on buying a competition suit just yet) before we moved onto posing. We worked on walking (while very important for every day life, it is extremely important while wearing heels… on a stage… half naked… yeah…), turning and posing. It was 2 hours of fun, hard work and me trying not to topple over. Heels are no joke! On Saturday, I have an appointment to try on more suits at another rental place. So excited! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ll be on stage in less than 4 months but trying on the suits helps keep it fresh in my mind and keeps me super excited. Did I mention that I’m still nervous as hell? Pretty sure the day of, I’ll want to throw up. I wonder if there’s any way to sneak a flask into my suit?

Speaking of beverages… my diet has been tweaked for the last few weeks¬†and I’m still working hard to put on size. A few more weeks will signal the 3 month mark and¬†go time.¬†I’m nervous for¬†the upcoming training and meals.¬†I know it will get progressively¬†harder and exhausting.

Some days, my motivation and¬†drive for the gym is¬†no where to be found.¬†Those days are when I have to dig deep and remind myself of why I’m there.¬†Simply… I want to be there. For myself and my goals.

My Journey to the Stage ‘aka’ Scared Sh**less – Entry 1


Jan. 22 – So this isn’t the first day of¬†my journey. Far from it. This journey¬†officially started last July, when I finally stopped dreaming of the day when I would gain more muscle and actually formed a plan of action towards it.¬†With some gentle encouragement from my hubby, Shawn, I toyed with the idea of doing¬†my first competition. It sounded fun, and scary!, but it all depended on how my progress would go.¬†Everyone’s goals are different and are respected; however, my goal was not simply to get on the stage just¬†to say I did it. I wanted to walk onto the stage feeling¬†competitive, not just for the feeling of “yay,¬†I’m so happy that I walked on a stage. In a bikini. In front of¬†huge crowd of people.” Okay, now I want to throw up and rethink this whole thing!¬†My point is that if I wanted to simply walk on a stage in front of a group of people, half naked, in heels and subject myself to judgment and possibly falling on my face, I would just pay $20 and join an improve class¬†where I could be fully clothed (bonus!) and subject myself to ridicule in much the same way. This isn’t just a goal of getting on¬†a stage. It’s a goal to build the muscle mass that I have dreamed about for a long time,¬†work my¬†a** off¬†and push myself to be the best I can be and do something I had never dreamed possible.¬†And I¬†HAVE been working my a** off since July, pushing myself at the gym and, with¬†a lot of help from my cute hubby, coming up with a great meal plan to help me reach my goals. I’m slowly gaining¬†more muscle and couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I want more!

So, it’s just over 21 weeks from the show (June 20th) and I’ve been working on losing some body fat. Soon, I’ll start a heavier style of training and really kick it to the next level. Can’t wait!! Posing is really hard, harder than it looks from the audience’s point of view! I’m excited and scared sh**less to get on that stage but I’m definitely proud of the hard work and results so far. Bring it on!!!

The Dog Ate My Earplugs…


Sounds like the punch line to a really funny joke, right? Wrong. For real… the dog ate my earplugs. It’s hard to believe that our sweet little princess (pictured below, with grass in her mouth after being caught eating¬†said grass) would do such a thing. So how do I know she ate them, you may be asking yourself? Simple. THEY’RE GONE! *POOF* Just like that.

Savannah So the earplugs that I’ve been using for the last 1-2 weeks and keeping on my nightstand, were magically gone one night. Getting ready for bed Saturday night, I reached for my plugs to discover they were gone. “Okay,” I thought, “Maybe they rolled off the stand.” Nope. I checked under the night stand, under the bed, between the wall and the head of the bed. No where to be found. Surely I had misplaced them or something then, right? Nah. Turns out there was something more sinister at work here.

Sunday, the hubs and I went to Home Depot and I picked up some new plugs. A whole pack of them. Took 2 plugs out and placed them on my nightstand. That night, I reached for my plugs before bed and guess what? Mysteriously gone. I checked everywhere. Again. Now, I can definitely admit when I’m losing my marbles but there is clearly only ONE solution. The dog ate my earplugs.

Those missing plugs have yet to surface. Will they ever? Who knows…

Do You Even Lift, Bro? – Gym Fail #562


So I’m at the gym this morning, trying not to keel over on the treadmill while my shins burst open, when I glance over at the cable machines up front. Joe Blow is on the lat pulldown cable aka the “pull the lat¬†bar towards my body in a motion similar to trying to start a lawn mower with both hands, while standing behind the seat” cable.¬†Seriously, wtf? Anyone who is familiar with the lat pulldown cable knows what I’m talking about. Picture that bench and cable combo, then picture a guy standing behind the seat while trying to perform the same¬†“pull towards your chest” motion that is typically reserved for¬†the lat pulldown exercise.¬†Doing it horribly wrong but with the same gusto anyone doing it correctly would¬†employ. Wish I had a video of this monstrosity. I’m¬†sure his lats will feel that tomorrow…

gym pic 1

That is just one of many examples I’ve seen over the years of people performing an exercise incorrectly. It’s a wonder they haven’t injured themselves. Or others. And they better hope they never injure me during their hijinks. Melissa smash!

A big part of me wants to go talk to them, tell them that they’re acting like someone in one of those awkward gym videos and help correct their form. But then what would I laugh at? Ha!¬†Seriously though. What?gym pic 2

For all the laughs these types of people bring into my¬†workout, I’m just thankful that I haven’t been hit by a stray cable handle. Yet. Bless their little souls for making the effort to be healthier! It’s more than a lot of people do.