(to the tune of the famous Beach Boys song) Good.. Good.. Good Intentions….


super woman

Do you ever go gung-ho, wonder women-esque and come up with a ton of goals or a “good intentions” to-do list, feel super great about it (excited, even!) and are all geared up to go, when ????? Nothing. Life happens, that super awesome to-do list with every good intention you had just flies out the window, to be discovered days, weeks or even months down the road, all crinkled and dripping with the good intentions you never made good on. Yeah, same here. Typically, I don’t give that crinkled list a lot of thought. I tell myself the usual statement, “Well, I had good intentions to do X”, then make another to-do list and start the process all over again.

One night while juggling 3 bags, a notebook and a barking dog at my feet, my mind started going through my to-do list for the evening. After putting my bags down, I bent down to give my little girl dog some loves. The fact that she’s always overjoyed when I get home gives me a warm fuzzy, though I know she’s more excited because that means dinner time is just around the corner. While doling out the love to my little girl, my mind went on that wacky, windy journey where you think of something, which makes you think of something else, then on to something else until, finally, you reach a final thought that makes you stop and really think.

My mind led me to good intentions. You know, the “I had good intentions of doing X” or “I didn’t get to that but I had good intentions” type of good intentions. Immediately, my mind latched on to a few of the more recent things which I had good intentions of doing but have fallen short.

My good intentions have ranged from wanting to cook dinner almost every single night to prove that I’m wife of the year and that my husband made the best decision ever in his life to marry such an awesome woman, which he did πŸ˜‰ (love you babes!), to buying decorations for our home and wanting to play laser pen with our little girl so she’ll think I’m the best mom ever.

Reality check! Ask my husband how many times in the past 3 months I’ve cooked dinner (microwave does not count, I’m talking actually making dinner). Go ahead, I’ll wait…. Yep, maybe 2. And that’s being generous. Now, in my defense, I was working 2 jobs, went to the gym right after work and we both got home at the same time (around 7 or 7:30), so dinner was a little harder to plan and make at that point. All either of us wanted to do was eat, get things ready for the next day and hit the sack. But I had good intentions and the idea that one day this would change. When we built our home two years ago, there were tons of decorations that sat in the guest bedroom for over a year, just waiting to be put on the walls.

Normally, the realization that I’ve fallen short would make me feel guilty and like the worst person on the planet. Not this time! For the first time, ever!, I didn’t feel bad about not getting to these things. I’m human and do my best each day, simple as that. The thing it did make me want to do, however, is re-evaluate certain items on my never-ending to-do list.

Now that my schedule has changed, I’ll be able to cook dinner a few times per week, something that I’m actually looking forward to doing. I’ve also learned to prioritize and not stress if something goes undone. So what if the floors don’t get swept tonight? So what if the laundry goes another day without washing? So what if you skip an invite to something you really didn’t want to attend any way? WHO CARES, THAT’S WHAT!

My goal now is to focus on activities I enjoy and not stressing over the little items that I wanted to do today but didn’t get done. Some days I rock, some days I don’t. For me, being super-woman is only a part-time gig and that still makes me one super awesome woman πŸ™‚


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