Bikini Schmi-kini and Everything in Between-i. What’s Your Goal?


After my workout this morning, while getting ready in the locker room, three girls headed out to start their workouts. As they were walking out, I overheard one say, “We gotta start hitting it hard, bikini season is right around the corner.”

For the past 3 months (well, 2 months and 3 weeks to be exact…), I’ve been working hard towards my own goals. And so has my husband, Shawn. The last 3 weeks have been the hardest so far because we’re nearing the end and are really amping up and working our butts off to reach our goals. My point? Sometimes we get so consumed with our own goals that we forget other people have them, too. Albeit, not necessarily the exact same goals but they still have goals they’re working towards. To this group of women, it was getting in better shape for this year’s bikini season.

It made me take a second and give thought to what other people at the gym might be striving for. Better bodies, to prepare for their first marathon, improve their bench press weight? And how about their non-fitness goals? Maybe some are going to school, like myself, to better their careers and life. Maybe they’re goal this year is to pay off a credit card, save enough money to fly to Paris in the fall or, hell, maybe the goal is just to survive another year of life! Side note, I’m thankful when I reach the surviving goal at the end of each day… 🙂

Everyone has different goals and different things that are important. For example, a girl at my work is working towards (and succeeding!) in living a healthier lifestyle. She’s recruited help with her meal plans and workouts and has seen positive changes already. Another friend of mine is working towards building more muscle mass. And many people are working their way through school (myself, included) and hoping to reach the end one day.

What your goal is doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have one. Without it, how do you improve yourself and your life? Besides, it’s fun to work towards a goal that means something to you. It breaks up the monotony of life and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Not many people share dreams of just sitting around like a bump on a log and being stagnant. If you’re a log sitter, hop off already!!

I love hearing people’s goals and what motivates them! Share your own goals in the comments section. You never know who might see it and share the same goal! ]

Have One! Or Many!









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