THE Ultimate, One-of-a-Kind Vegas Experience (no alcohol involved either…) :)


Penn & Teller had been names heard throughout my days growing up but I had never really paid much attention. To me, they were just another pair of magicians on the stage, like David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy. I never took the time to watch their acts, watch their show BullShit (which is pretty damn good, by the way) or listen to any podcasts. My husband, Shawn, changed all of that. When we started dating, we watched some BullShit episodes together and laughed our butts off or had conversations of our own on the topics afterwards. Last year, he said Penn & Teller were coming to Wendover, NV and he really wanted to go. So I thought, “Sure, why not? Wendover is always a fun time.”

I had no idea what to expect from the Penn & Teller show and was beyond pleasantly surprised. The show started off amazing and got even better when I was picked to help with a trick on stage! Nothing like that has ever happened before! After the show, we met Teller and had our picture taken. It was a super fun night, like no other.

Not long after, Shawn was telling me about Penn making a movie where he plays the crazy stalker guy and he was publicly funding the project, meaning average people could buy “perks/packages” and the money would go towards funding the film.

We looked at so many packages, finding some that really jumped out at us, laughing and talking about how fun it would be to contribute. I’m not sure either of us thought we would seriously do it. After a few days, we talked some more and decided to just go for it. You only live once, right? So we bought two packages: an afternoon with Penn and another movie premier package (details on that down the road…).

Arrangements were made with Penn’s wife, Emily, as she handles all of this stuff. Our day with Penn would be on a Saturday, so we drove down to Vegas on Friday.

Penn has a little different schedule than the “normal” world, so our afternoon started at 2:30pm where we met him and his wife, Emily, at the Hash House A Go Go in the Rio. Great conversation and food followed. We got to learn more about the movie and discussed various topics. Even got to see a half-naked picture of Carrot Top! It was great being able to talk with both of them; they’re pretty down to earth people. Following lunch, we all went to the Rio Salon & Spa where we got the royal treatment. Penn got “ready” for the Penn & Teller show that night. Shawn got his hair trimmed and styled AND got to sit in the most amazing massage chair ever. Me? I got my hair cut, colored and styled AND my make-up professionally done. It literally was the royal treatment; I felt like a princess and looked smoking HOT! 😉

Once we were all done up, we headed up to our room to change. Included in our package were two VIP tickets to the Penn & Teller show that night, plus a backstage tour and hanging out with the stars after the show. AMAZING!!!! We got the show early to hear Penn and Jonesy play some jazz music, followed by an entertaining show. After, we met Jonesy in the lobby and he took us back where we got to hang out with Penn and Teller, hear some cool business dealings and shoot the breeze. We got our picture taken with them both, which was super awesome J, then we called it a night.

I can honestly say that, without Shawn introducing me to their act and their shows, this experience wouldn’t have been AS amazing and fun. Of course, getting to do all of this with my favorite person in the world (Shawn, duh…) was my favorite part, as with any adventure and trip. This truly was a one of a kind trip that we never imagined being able to experience. Yes, you can put a monetary price tag on the package and trip as a whole. You can’t put a price tag, though, on being able to hang out with a celebrity and having as much fun creating memories with the one person you truly don’t want to experience anything without.

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